Bainbridge receives $600,000 grant to update storm water drainage system

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BAINBRIDGE -- The announcement may have been a week late, but the good news was just as sweet to hear.

The town of Bainbridge was awarded a $600,000 grant on Friday. The grant will help the town update and repair the storm water drainage system, which is a huge boon for the town but specifically for South Washington Street, said Bainbridge Town Council president Richard Cope.

"It's a great time to be in Bainbridge right now," Cope said.

The improvements to the storm water drainage will help reduce flooding throughout town, particularly near the baseball diamond and walking trail. The town is currently taking bids for the project.

It is one of several grants the town has received recently. Cope said Bainbridge has received almost $2 million in grant money over the past two years. This has helped the town in many ways, including improving the sewer system, fixing up the water facilities and now updating the storm water drainage system.

"It covers the entire town," Cope said of the scope of the grant.

This project will also alter the impending road improvements project the town recently discussed in a May 20 meeting with the utility board. Because of the storm water project, the town will not replace or repair South Washington Street as it will be torn up to improve the drainage systems.

Other changes to the road plan will be discussed at Wednesday's town council meeting. The board will also discuss the details of the storm water project and when it is likely to begin during the meeting.

Cope said he is incredibly pleased with the success the town has had acquiring grants and he credits town clerk-treasurer Jason Hartman for his work in getting these grants.

"Jason poured his heart into this," Cope said. "You don't see this in other towns."

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