Letter to the Editor

Blinded by a faulty insight

Friday, June 10, 2011

To the Editor:

About 47 years ago, I attended a seminar provided to up-date business people on the thinking of students graduating from our schools of higher learning.

One of the training sessions utilized a 16mm movie film (this was before the age of our present-day videos). The film had been produced by filming the thoughts of college students in their senior year, as to their aspirations.

As a group, one of the interviews really hit us. The student was asked by the interviewer what was his expected employment aspiration.

He explained, "I plan to make studies." The interviewer then said to him, "Can you earn a living, making studies?"

His reply was, "Yes, in the United States the money is there, it's just a case of how you want to spend it!"

Now, with almost 50 years behind us, it appears our educational institutions of learning have instilled this logic to the extent that we now have generations of young people who have been accustomed to, or blinded by a faulty insight!

Richard Taylor