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Master gardener classes are taking applications

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new Master Gardener class will be starting on Aug. 16. The purpose of the Purdue Master Gardener Program is to teach people more about growing plants and to more effectively extend information related to plants to the community. The programs specific aim is to provide information and technical assistance in the areas of gardening and home horticulture through the use of trained and certified volunteers.

I want to invite all the people that are interested in becoming Master Gardeners to contact me soon so I can set aside a place for you in the class. The class has limited space. This year we will be signing up people at the fair for the classes in Harris Hall.

After acceptance into the Master Gardener Program, participants receive training in the following areas: Plant Science, Plant Nutrition, Soil Science, Plant Disease, Insect Pests, Weeds, Pesticide Safety/Pesticide Alternatives, Woody Ornamentals, Vegetable Gardening, Herbaceous Ornamentals, Home Lawns, Animal Pests, Home Fruit Production, Indoor Gardening, and Yard Waste Management.

To be part of the next series of Master Gardener classes please contact the Putnam County Extension Office and say that you are interested in the Master Gardner Class for the Fall of 2011. You will have to complete an application form and return it to the Putnam County Extension Office. The classes meet every Tuesday night from 6-9 p.m. The classes will last 12 weeks from Aug 16 to Nov 1.

To become a full fledged Master Gardener the program requires you to volunteer for a minimum of 35 hours. Throughout the class, there are opportunities to gain hours even before you have finished your class work. So join our next class and bring a friend. Currently, we are taking applications for the class. Contact the office for the application.

There are a limited number of spaces in the class. The cost is $85. Family rates apply. We will be taking applications until August 11. If you have any questions, Please contact Ann Delchambre at 653-8411, email adelchambre@purdue.edu, Facebook: Putnam County Agriculture and Twitter: AgAgent.

Open class Horticulture at the Putnam County Fair is a great opportunity to show what you have grown. This is your opportunity to be part of the Putnam County fair exhibits. There are so many categories you can enter! Why not enter several?

Almost every kind of flower, vegetable, and agriculture produce is shown. The Garden Category is a place where you can show your garden's produce. Everything from apples to zucchini are shown. Booklets of the classes are available at the Purdue Extension office or online on the Purdue Extension Putnam County website at http://www.ag.purdue.edu/counties/putnam....

Click on Harris Hall on the left side of the page. The Garden Category entries need to be placed in Harris Hall at the fairgrounds from 8-11 a.m. on Monday, July 25.

The Herb Category is becoming very popular with the Harris Hall participants. Herbs from basil to wormwood are shown. These entries also need to be in on Monday.

One of the most popular categories in Harris Hall is Single Cut Flowers. One of the new and exciting categories added last year is Ornamental Grasses. These specimens need to be entered on Saturday, July 23 from 8-11 a.m. Don't forget about the Artistic Arrangements. These arrangements need to be entered on Tuesday, July 26 from 8-11 a.m.

Open Class Agriculture is a place where you can show off your best alfalfa hay and jar of honey and maple syrup. These Agriculture Exhibits need to be entered in Harris Hall on Monday, July 25 from 8-11 a.m. Come and join the fun in Harris Hall this year.

For more information about these events please contact Ann Delchambre at 653-8411 or email adelchambre@purdue.edu or facebook Putnam County Agriculture -- Purdue University.

Upcoming events:

July 16 -- Putnam County 4-H Queen Contest

July 16 -- Putnam County 4-H Tractor Contest

July 22-30 -- Putnam County Fair

Aug. 16 -- Master Gardner Classes to start Fairgrounds 6-9 p.m.

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