Letter to the Editor

Heritage Lake roads a history of potholes

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To the Editor:

The ongoing wants of the residents of Heritage Lake to have quality paved roads is commendable. The county was snookered at some time to have accepted the obligation of the roads within Heritage Lake. The original developer only built them good enough to sell lots.

Other subdivisions in Putnam County would like to have the county take over their roads. Some have stopped paying taxes on the road property in hopes the county would take ownership and responsibility.

Apple Blossom, Wildwood Lakes, Lazy Acres and Ivanwald maintain their own roads.

The county has said, "If they are installed and paved to our road standards, we will take them over."

It has been said, "100 percent of Putnam County road funds could be spent at Heritage Lake and the roads there would be less than perfect, and the rest of the county would go to h---."

The residents of Heritage Lake have stated, "We are the second largest property tax-paying area in Putnam County." But 80 to 85 percent of that tax goes to the school, 15 to 20 percent goes to other things. None to the roads!

If you are No. 2, then it's time to incorporate into a town, have your own police, fire and utilities, including road maintenance.

It's time to man up and pay for your own wants and needs. In most cases the assessed road cost for an established home would be less than the cost of paving the driveway to that home.

The other residents of Putnam County do not want to pay for your roads, now or later.

Don Gedert


Putnam County taxpayer