Bainbridge town council budget remains same

Friday, August 12, 2011

BAINBRIDGE -- The budget figures may have moved around, but the end budget is the same as it was seven years ago.

The Bainbridge town council approved a first reading of the proposed 2012 budget during its regular business meeting on Wednesday.

The board made a few changes from last year's budget, increasing the amount allocated in areas such as utilities and park improvements. However, the budget remains at an end total of $226,983.

The board will consider the budget for final approval at its next meeting.

Meanwhile, utility board member Troy Elless said the water project was nearing the end.

The water tower has been finished and will be filled with water by the weekend, and if it passes its tests it will be used for public consumption by the end of the weekend.

The water treatment plant addition is still being set up and after it is finished, the water meters will be changed.

The board also learned that the Terre Haute engineering firm Hannum, Wagle and Cline will be giving a quote to look over the necessary work to be done for the storm water grant project. Since the quote was not sent in at the time of the meeting, the board will wait to approve it.

"I'd be more comfortable reading it," said board member Chuck McElwee. "We've had bad luck with contracts lately."

McElwee also addressed the board about some concerns he had regarding how things were done in town government. McElwee said it would be easier to keep track of events at the other board meetings, including park board and utility board meetings, if the board received a written report of what occurred at those meetings.

McElwee also said he was concerned there was no way to prevent the utility board from spending any amount of money without being held legally responsible.

"They're all very good people, but they have the checkbook and I'm legally responsible," McElwee said.

McElwee suggested setting a spending guideline that would not interfere with repeated expenses or daily operations. The board said it would talk to the board to consider the request.

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