Good neighbors

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
On Tuesday, Floyd Township Fire Department responded to a call at 5:06 p.m. at 5968 N. CR 500 East, the home of Dave and Patty Turner. Neighbor Kim Bowman made the call after seeing smoke coming from the side of the house. Assistant Chief Roger Wright said the fire started inside a wall as the result of too many wires underneath the same staple. Shane Beaman, who is Kim Bowman's 16-year-old son, first noticed the fire and told her to call 911. Beaman and his stepfather, Bob Bowman, ran to the home and started trying to put the fire out with garden hoses and water from the pool. They were able to hold it off until the fire department arrived. Firefighters initially feared two children were inside the home, but after an exhaustive search no children were found. Turner and his two children were out of the house at the time. Floyd Township, Greencastle, Bainbridge and Fillmore fire departments all came to assist in the emergency. Wright said had the neighbors not called, the house would likely have burned down quickly.

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