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GHS places first in Putnam County Meet

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GHS runner Colleen Weatherford won her third Putnam County Meet individual title in Tuesday's competition
Greencastle's girls' cross country squad ratcheted up another Putnam County title Tuesday night on the back of seven top ten finishes, easily holding off the rest of the county field.

Colleen Weatherford took first place on the evening for her third Putnam County title with a time of 20:10. She was followed by teammates Kayla Cash and Emily Gill while Paige Pickens finished sixth to be included among the all-county runners.

Abigail Wilson rounded out Greencastle's score in eighth place. Alex Stoffregen finished ninth and Sammy Haynes came in 10th place.

Hosts South Putnam finished second on the day and picked up two all-county runners in the process. Mallory Glaze finished fourth while teammate Maddie Egold finished seventh to lead the Eagles.

Cloverdale, who finished third on the day, also had an all-county runner in Claudia Monnett, who placed fifth.

Greencastle head coach Gary Anderson said his squad's work is paying off.

"I was very pleased with several of the girls. Abigail Wilson's complete running form tonight was power, power, power and that's good for her. Kayla Cash ran a fine race, my gosh. She's been our number three girl and she got (Emily) Gill tonight," Anderson said.

"We got good results out of Alex Stoffregen tonight. Her time was one of the best times she's had. She was running with the power she has."

"We're doing a lot of speed work right now and it's starting to show. I like this. There might be a little improvement for the conference meet, but at the sectional, we expect a lot of improvement then," Anderson added.

South Putnam head coach Brandon Welti said his squad wanted more Tuesday.

"Two in the top seven is fine for now, but in the future, we as a team expect more than that. God willing, it will happen," Welti said.

"This is our first race in about two weeks and I considered it our rustbuster, trying to work out the kinks. Overall, I'm fine with the way it turned out. We're going to get our legs underneath us and we'll see some improvement on Saturday."

Cloverdale head coach Rod Mann was mixed in his reactions.

"I'm very happy with Claudia, but somewhat disappointed with the rest of them because I thought they were more prepared. Today just wasn't their day," Mann said.

It's the mental aspect, especially in the two through five spots. If we get them mentally prepared like we did the boys, I think they could do some good."

Without their leading runner in Katie Douglass, North Putnam head coach Kevin Lutes was still happy for his running duo.

"They ran pretty well. They were upset about where they finished. There'll be more people there on Saturday, so they don't get lost in limbo," Lutes said.

"Once they got separated from the pack, they started to slow down. It's unfortunate that Katie couldn't run today. The girls look to her as a leader, and it's hard for her to just be sitting there and watching."

In the middle school ranks, Greencastle took home first place over second place South Putnam. Hannah Brattain won the meet with a time of 13:03, followed by teammate Katie Haynes and Corrie Romer.

Riley Canfield placed fourth for Cloverdale, followed by the South Putnam trip of Katie Jo Beasley, Juliana Delano and Maddie McHugh to round out the all-county runners.

At South Putnam

Putnam County Girls'

Cross Country Meet

High School

Greencastle 20, South Putnam 50, Cloverdale 70, North Putnam Inc.

1. Weatherford (G) 20:10; 2. Cash (G) 21:08; 3. Gill (G) 21:17; 4. Glaze (SP) 21:49; 5. Monnett (CL) 22:14; 6. Pickens (G) 22:38; 7. Egold (SP) 22:47; 8. Wilson (G) 22:49; 9. Stoffregen (G) 22:52; 10. Haynes (G) 23:17

Middle School

Greencastle 24, South Putnam 56, Cloverdale 64, North Putnam 86

1. Brattain (G) 13:03; 2. Haynes (G) 13:23; 3. Romer (G) 13:55; 4. Canfield (CL) 14:16; 5. Beasley (SP) 14:19; 6. Delano (SP) 14:20; 7. McHugh (SP) 14:43; 8. Spencer (G) 14:45; 9. Bayless (NP) 14:49; 10. Kessler (G) 14:58; 13. Plamondon (CL) 15:54; 14. Lyons (CL) 16:02; 15. Nichols (CL) 16:06; 16. Fanning (SP) 16:12; 17. Taylor (NP) 16:15; 19. McKinney (CL) 16:43; 20. Carney (NP) 16:46; 21. Rambis (NP) 16:49; 22. Dill (NP) 16:58; 23. Chambers (SP) 17:00