Weatherford paces strong GHS performers at WCC

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
GHS runner Colleen Weatherford finished first overall at the WCC Meet at South Putnam with a time of 20:02.

It was a different day at South Putnam High School for girls' cross country.

It was the same story though as Greencastle powered past all comers for the 2011 WCC Meet title.

The Tiger Cubs took the top three spots and five of the top eight in securing the conference title, finishing with 19 points. South Putnam placed second on 46 points with Cloverdale third.

Colleen Weatherford posted a solid time, finishing in first place with a time of 20:02, claiming her third WCC title in the process. Emily Gill was second, with Kayla Cash third, Paige Pickens sixth and Alex Stoffregen placing eighth.

South Putnam had two runners in the top 10 with Mallory Glaze finishing fourth and Maddie Egold placing 10th. Cloverdale's Claudia Monnett came in fifth place to round out the all-WCC finishers for Putnam County.

Greencastle head coach Garry Anderson was again pleased with the performance of his squad.

"Our times dropped for several girls. We're tapering a little bit now and I'm really pleased with the team overall. Colleen's been a champion for three years now, but we've got a good group right now. Our seven girls did a fine job overall," Anderson said.

"We got a good race out of Paige Pickens, a good race out of Kayla Cash and Alex Stoffregen ran her best time on this course, maybe the best time overall and did a fine job for us. I told her earlier to get a medal and, by-golly, she did it."

South Putnam head coach Brandon Welti said his squad wasn't deterred by Tuesday's results.

"We knew that Greencastle was probably going to win it, but these girls aren't the type to just sit there and take it. They decided to at least go for it, give it a run and see what happens," Welti said.

"We were happy with the effort. They raced today. We didn't really talk about places. We went out to run as a team."

Cloverdale coach Rod Mann was more enthused by the performance of his squad.

"With three incomplete teams, it's hard for anybody, not just us, to get pumped up if you've already got third place. Claudia Monnett made the all-conference team and I'm very proud of her. The girls put in a good effort today and it was worth it," Mann said.

North Putnam coach Kevin Lutes echoed Mann's sentiments.

"Even though we only had two girls running the varsity race, both of them ran very good times for them. Both of them had personal bests or were very close to them. At the end of the season, that's the best I can ask for," Lutes said.

With the sectional Tuesday at the same course, the four coaches were looking to see what their squads could accomplish.

"We'll go over the last two races on Monday and see where we can find more time and where we need to focus. I'm looking for everyone to not only race and get their best times, but race better than they have," Lutes said.

"It's going to be tough. Hopefully we'll get one out in Claudia, but it's a tough one. This is a tough sectional," Mann said.

"The Hendricks County schools have a pretty strong hold on things. Greencastle should make it out and represent Putnam County," Welti said.

"We know Danville and Tri-West are probably the fifth and sixth teams in the sectional. We're going to mix it up with them and see if we can get another Putnam County school out of here," he added.

"Right now, Avon's the hands-down favorite. They've got a team that's pretty good. They've got three or four freshman that we knew were coming in last year. Avon's one of the top ten teams in the state," Anderson said.

"I'd say we've got a chance to get one of the top five spots, but it's going to be a rough way to go, I guarantee it," he added.

In the middle school race, Greencastle also picked up the WCC title with five of the top seven runners. Hannah Brattain won the race with a time of 13:01, followed by Corrie Romer in second, Katie Haynes in fourth, Lilly Spencer in sixth and Bailey Zapp in seventh.

South Putnam's Katie Jo Beasley and Juliana Delano finished eighth and ninth respectively. Cloverdale's Riley Canfield placed tenth to round out the all-WCC runners.

At South Putnam High School

West Central Conference Girls' Cross Country Meet

High School

Greencastle 19, South Putnam 46, Cloverdale 75, Cascade, Monrovia, North Putnam Inc.

1. Weatherford (G) 20:02; 2. Gill (G) 21:07; 3. Cash (G) 21:23; 4. Glaze (SP) 21:34; 5. Monnett (CL) 21:52; 6. Pickens (G) 22:01; 7. Whicker (CA) 22:08; 8. Stoffregen (G) 22:25; 9. Hoffman (M) 22:41; 10. Egold (SP) 22:53; 11. Nield (SP) 23:07; 15. Jones (SP) 23:50; 16. Scales (SP) 24:28; 22. Spencer (CL) 27:23; 23. Worthington (CL) 28:00; 25. Nees (CL) 28:21; 26. Dean (NP) 28:46; 27. Land (NP) 29:05; 28. Reed (CL) 30:42

Junior Varsity

1. Haynes (G) 23:09; 2. Mi. Cherry (SP) 24:42; 3. Varvel (SP) 25:49

Middle School

Greencastle 20, Cascade 71, South Putnam 85, North Putnam 103, Monrovia 108, Cloverdale 121

1. Brattain (G) 13:01; 2. Romer (G) 13:25; 3. Whicker (CA) 13:50; 4. Haynes (G) 13:51; 5. Hunter (M) 14:07; 6. Spencer (G) 14:19; 7. Zapp (G) 14:22; 8. Beasley (SP) 14:23; 9. Delano (SP) 14:24; 10. Canfield (CL) 14:33; 13. Taylor (NP) 15:17; 17. Plamondon (CL) 15:27; 18. Dill (NP) 15:30; 19. Jones (SP) 15:44; 21. Fanning (SP) 15:48; 22. Carney (NP) 15:51; 24. Rambis (NP) 15:55; 26. Lyons (CL) 16:08; 27. Freiji (NP) 16:12; 29. Chambers (SP) 16:24; 35. Gardner (CL) 16:52; 36. Murray (CL) 16:59