North Putnam addresses state of buildings

Monday, October 24, 2011

ROACHDALE -- With a new Director of Operations in the corporation, the North Putnam School Corporation board received a report during its Thursday night meeting about the condition of some of the school buildings and their features.

Tom Sizemore, director of operations, discussed some of the improvements that would eventually have to be considered by the school board, and announced his plan to have a priority list by the next monthly meeting in November that will address which problems should be tackled first.

"It's something we're going to have to look at down the line," Sizemore said. "We need to get this done."

Perhaps the most disheartening news from the meeting is that the new roof on the North Putnam High School may be leaking already. Roachdale Elementary's roof is also leaking in the gym, among other places. The high school roof is barely a year old.

Sizemore said he would meet with the contractors to look at the roof, as it is possible the leak could be something else.

Jeremy Kincaid of Bainbridge Elementary also talked to the board about the concession stand that had to be hastily torn down due to safety concerns. The school is attempting to rebuild the structure before baseball season begins, where it would experience the most use. The school hopes to get the shell of the building up before snow starts to fall, finishing the building after the winter. Kincaid said he does not want to rush the construction and do a poor job.

"We want it to be built right. The other one was unsafe. The floor was caved in," Kincaid said. "We are trying to get a plan together."

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