Letter to the Editor

Kind acts comforted Becky Brothers and family

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Editor:

We may never know how a simple act of kindness has a rippling effect.

Surely one has seen the commercial where a lady smiles at a man on the street. He, in turn, opens a door for a young couple with a baby, they stop to help an older woman pick up her dropped groceries, and though, one may not remember what was advertised, the viewer sees how a smile caused a sequence of kind events.

So it is with those who were associated with Becky Brothers.

We knew she loved her job at South Putnam, but never would we, as a family, have EVER imagined the magnitude of generosity toward this counselor! To us, she was Becky, always present at our events and coordinator of all family functions. We knew she was one of a kind, but did not realize all of her covert acts of kindness until her illness and passing.

But then, maybe the public did not know her unsung heroes either.

Did you know that Bill and Linda Merkel were at her beck and call for any problem that reared its ugly head concerning her house or property?

What about Debbie Steffy, who organized the bracelet campaign or he co-workers who gathered a large amount of money and shoved it into her protesting hands?

Did you know that a group of South Putnam students, staff, and friends painted her fence, garage, and windows?

Did you know that her bus driver friends drove to the hospital, loaded her up and transported her to see the work that had been done at her home?

What about some of the South Putnam football team that took time before the championship game to come and see Becky in the hospital?

These are just a very few acts of kindness. Everyday she had visitors, phone calls, cards, letters, offers to help in any way, prayer blankets and endless prayers!

Your thoughts and gestures made a difference in Becky's life. They got her through her most difficult moments.

To her friends, extended family, co-workers, doctors, especially Dr. Colleen Brown of Saint Vincent Hospital, nurses, friends who stayed with her at night, churches, ministers, funeral directors, police, the Banner Graphic, well wishers and those who stood in the long reception line, thank you, thank you.

We were blessed by the Lord to have Becky, but we were also blessed by your incredible kindness. May we ripple your effect toward others.

Bless all of you!


The Family of Becky Brothers