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Clovers win tri-meet with Cougars, Eels

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ROACHDALE -- Cloverdale ran away with the North Putnam track meet on Tuesday night, demolishing the hosts and fellow travelers Eminence 86 to 50 and 5 on the girl's side with the boy's also winning 89 to 60 and 7. The Clovers raced to 21 out of 22 first place finishes, as well as finishing in the top two positions seven times.

The Cloverdale long distance relay team set the tone for things to come under the abnormally warm early April sun. Not only did Clovedale race to an impressive 8:40.28 time in the 3200-meter relay, they were nearly two full minutes faster than North Putnam. The hosts managed a time of 10:23.40 in the opener.

Cloverdale continued its dominance as the results poured into the press box. The Clovers took both of the 110-meter hurdles races (Grey, 17.46; Lane 17.35) and the girls 100-meter dash (Gruener 14.08) before North Putnam was able to steal their first victory. Three-sport athlete (football, swimming and track) Tyler Shorter sprinted to an 11.10 second time in the boys 100-meter dash but from there it the tide would roll back in favor of the Clovers.

In the 1600-meter run, it was Cloverdale sandwiching North Putnam in the girls (Nally 6:16.90; Douglas 6:22.30; Nees 6:33.70) and boys (Smith 5:01.00; Spear 5:03.10; Worthington 5:29.41), while the Cloverdale 400-meter relay teams both took first place as well (56.20-1:00.50-1:05.40; 46.18-52.12-DQ).

"We've been practicing really hard, and we had a great off season," Cloverdale boy's track coach Andy Tyler said following the conclusion of Tuesday's events. "Everyone just stepped up when it was his or her turn to run."

In the 400-meter run it was again Cloverdale coming out on top, sweeping the girls race (Oetken 1:10.00; Tiedemann 1:12.10; Devellen 1:17.00) while the boys picked up another first place ribbon (Brumfield 53.80) with North Putnam (Hendershot 56.15; Thrasher 57.50) rounding out the top three. Eminence finally cracked the top three in the 300-meter hurdles (Watson 1:06.00) but yet again it was Cloverdale (Shrum 55.60) taking first place and North Putnam (Walker 58.12) taking second. On the boy's side it was Cloverdale 1-2 (Smith 43.02; Stout 44.97) with North Putnam in third (Reed 51.91). The Clovers finished the evening winning 21 of 22 track events overall (girls and boys combined).

In field events, North Putnam faired the best of the three schools. The Cougars began with a victory in girl's shotput (Lucas 34 feet-4 inches), followed by a clean sweep of the top three (Logan 44 feet-4.5 inches; Davis 42 feet-7.5 inches; N. Bryan 42 feet-7 inches).

In the discus it was North Putnam with another field event sweep of the girls and boys (Welch 98 feet-4 inches; Shorter 134 feet-4 inches).

The Cloverdale boys stole the long jump title (Rexroat 18 feet-6 inches) but North Putnam took the girls side (Healey 15 feet-2.5 inches). In high jump, confusion plagued both the girls and boys events. After the confusion was sorted, it was Cloverdale's Oetken (4 feet-10 inches) and Law (5 feet-8 inches) winning respectively.

"We have to keep building on what we learned today," coach Tyler added, "Build on the experience from today and move forward."

At North Putnam

Track Results

Girls -- Cloverdale 86, N. Putnam 50, Eminence 5

Boys -- Cloverdale 89, N. Putnam 60, Eminence 7

3,200 relay

Girls: CHS 12:11.36

Boys: CHS 8:40.28; NPHS 10:23.40; EHS 10:29.84

110 Hurdles

Girls: Grey (CHS) 17.46; Gruener (CHS) 18.20; Walker (NPHS) 20.81

Boys: Lane (CHS) 17.35; Ward (CHS) 17.37; Mason (NPHS) 17.52

100 Dash

Girls: Gruener (CHS) 14.08; Tate (CHS) 14.30; Booth (NPHS) 14.4

Boys: Shorter (NPHS) 11.10; Law (CHS) 11.50; Drunfield (CHS) 11.60

1,600 Run

Girls: Nally (CHS) 6:16.90; Douglas (NPHS) 6:22.30; Nees (CHS) 6:33.70

Boys: Smith (CHS) 5:01.00; Spear (NPHS) 5:03.10; Worthington (CHS) 5:29.41

400 Relay

Girls: CHS 56.20; NPHS 1:00.50; NPHS 1:05.40

Boys: CHS 46.18; NPHS 52.12; NPHS DQ

400 Run

Girls: Oetken (CHS) 1:10.00; Tiedemann (CHS) 1:12.10; Devellen (CHS) 1:17.00

Boys: Brumfeld (CHS) 53.80; Hendershot (NPHS) 56.15; Thrasher (NPHS) 57.50

300 Hurdles

Girls: Shrum (CHS) 55.60; Walker (NPHS) 58.12; Watson (EHS) 1:06.00

Boys: Smith (CHS) 43.02; Stout (CHS) 44.97; Reed (NPHS) 51.91

800 Run

Girls: Monnett (CHS) 2:38.30; Stevens (CHS) 2:40.00; Worthington (CHS) 2:58.00

Boys: Rummley (CHS) 2:16.00; Hendershot (NPHS) 2:18.00; Niece (CHS) 2:20.30

200 Run

Girls: Manning (CHS) 30.20; Booth (NPHS) 30.40; Spencer (CHS) 31.10

Boys: Law (CHS) 23.80; Warren (CHS) 24.20; Thrasher (NPHS) 24.59

3,200 Run

Girls: Monnett (CHS) 13:44; Douglas (NPHS) 14:29; Worthington (CHS) 16:35

Boys: Worthington (CHS) 12:17; James (NPHS) 12:59; Mindola (NPHS) 13:23

1,600 Relay

Girls: CHS 4:55.00; NPHS 5:19.00

Boys: CHS 3:42.00; EHS 4:08.00; NPHS 4:12.00

Field Events

Shot Put

Girls: Lucas (NPHS) 34'4"; Gray (CHS) 26'4.5"; Muse (NPHS) 25' 1.5"

Boys: Logan (NPHS) 44'4.5"; Davis (NPHS) 42'7.5"; N. Bryan (NPHS) 42'7"

High Jump

Girls: Oetken (CHS) 4'10"; Nally (CHS) 4'8"

Boys: Warren (CHS) 5'8"; Law (CHS) 5'4", Kaufman (NPHS) 5'4"


Girls: Welch (NPHS) 98'4"; Patterson (EHS) 80'2"; Davis (NPHS) 75'8"

Boys: Shorter (NPHS) 134'4"; Logan (NPHS) 127'10"; Stout (CHS) 112' 2.5"

Long Jump

Girls: Healey (NPHS) 15'2.5"; Gruener (CHS) 15'1.5"; Stevens (CHS) 13'9.5"

Boys: Rexroat (CHS) 18'6"; Thrasher (EHS) 18'2"; Mescall (CHS) 18'2