Letter to the Editor

'Remembering FDR' forgets about the facts

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading the editorial "FDR remembered, forgotten" by Rheta Johnson (Banner Graphic, April 4). His disastrous, ill-conceived economic policies made the Great Depression drag on for years, causing untold hardship for millions of people, yet I agree that he was an interesting historical figure.

But using the Social Security system as an example of his greatest achievements? With Social Security, the harder you work and the more you earn, the more the government takes away from you. The more responsible you are and the more you save for retirement, the less the government tends to return to you.

Social Security undermines the incentive to work. It undermines the incentive to save. Thus it hampers the growth of the economy and of our standard of living, not just once but continually every year. It is also disappointing to see a government program which promotes political dishonesty.

Is Rheta Johnson knowledgeable about the so-called Social Security trust fund? Is she aware of the ponzi-scheme nature of Social Security?

Every dollar ever paid into Social Security has been spent by our politicians. We may have extravagant parties for bureaucrats, as recent news items show, but we have no stash of money waiting to be paid out to future Social Security recipients. Calling money which has been spent a "trust find" is dishonest. Calling the Social Security tax a "contribution" is another dishonesty.

In trying to praise FDR, perhaps Rheta Johnson would be well-advised to keep mum about the Social Security disaster, and instead talk about what a great relationship FDR had with his dog, or how cool he looked with his cigarette holder dangling out of his mouth. Those were his strengths, not the Social Security system.

Bill Field