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Rebate modifications help Vectren customers upgrade appliances to higher-efficiency models

Monday, April 23, 2012

In an effort to encourage residential customers to upgrade their natural gas appliances to even greater efficiency, Vectren has modified its natural gas appliance rebate program, known as Conservation Connection.

The tiered rebate structure for residential natural gas appliances is based on the level of efficiency and the initial cost to the consumer; as the efficiency rate increases, so does the rebate amount.

Residential rebates toward energy efficient natural gas appliances as of April 1, 2012:

-- $275 toward a natural gas furnace (95 percent or higher efficiency rating).

-- $150 toward a natural gas furnace (92 percent up to 94 percent efficiency rating).

-- $125 toward a natural gas water heater (energy factor of 0.67 or higher and hold 30 gallons or more).

-- $150 toward a natural gas tankless water heater (energy factor of 0.82 or higher).

-- $300 toward a natural gas residential boiler (90 percent or higher efficiency rating with space heating as the primary use).

-- $20 toward a programmable thermostat.

Vectren continues to offer a variety of energy efficient natural gas rebates for small business customers as well.

"We want to encourage customers to choose the most energy efficient appliances possible," Doug Petitt, vice president of marketing and conservation, said in a press release.

"Although there are substantial savings in the long run, there is an increase in the initial investment. With that in mind, we felt modifying our rebate structure to reflect the cost differential would be beneficial to customers."

Vectren's rebate forms can be found at http://www.vectren.com or by calling (866) 240-8476. Forms must be postmarked and submitted within 60 days of purchase. To qualify, customers must use natural gas as their primary source of heat.

Vectren is an energy holding company headquartered in Evansville. Vectren's energy delivery subsidiaries provide gas and/or electricity to more than one million customers in service territories that cover nearly two-thirds of Indiana and west-central Ohio.

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