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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Leftovers just need a little reheating before consuming

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stealing a page from the Ben Franklin school of journalism: Yes, both fish and houseguests do smell after three days.

Normally you can add news stories to that list, although I don't believe that was necessarily part of the equation when Franklin's mother passed along the 16th-century proverb that would later be almost universally credited to the great American statesman.

Over the past several days, it seems as though every story I have written, every event I have covered could use an epilogue to help ward off any potential fishy, houseguest unpleasantries.

First came the report from Putnamville Correctional Facility that several inmates are now training rescue greyhounds at the prison for future pet adoptions.

Did you notice the very first dog named in the story?

A greyhound named "Dillinger."

How perfect is that? Just hope nobody teaches him how to whittle a fake gun out of a dog bone.

* * *

While retired astronaut Joseph Allen shared several remarkable stories, most of which were included in a story in Saturday's Banner Graphic, a couple of them didn't find their way into print. That was mostly in the interest of time and space, two factors which newspaper editors never find themselves with enough of.

A couple of those tales concerned photos taken way out in space.

One featured fellow space shuttle astronaut Dale Gardner posing with the first-ever recovered satellite -- and a hand-printed sign that humorously offered the words, "For sale."

"Turns out," Allen told the audience at his DePauw University alma mater, "NASA was not as amused as we thought."

Interestingly, that photo was not only taken by Allen but has Allen visible in it -- as a reflection in the visor of Gardner's space helmet.

Gardner also comes into play on the second photo scenario shared by Allen.

In a brilliantly colorful shot from space, Allen was able to capture Gardner hard at work repairing one of the satellites.

The photo was so crisp, so compelling that Time magazine put it on its front cover. On page three, the cover photo credit was listed. It read, "NASA photographer." As if there had been a photographer floating along with the shuttle astronauts in space.

An indignant Allen said he took one look at that photo credit and canceled his subscription to Time magazine "on the spot."

* * *

And if I sound little like Jay Leno on this one, feel free to sock me in the chin.

In case you missed it, the Feb. 18 edition of the Banner Graphic carried an engagement announcement for Brit and Beaty, who are planning a June wedding.

While that probably means nothing if you live in Walla Walla, Wash., or Kalamazoo, it's a beautiful thing ... a home run in Putnam County. Brit and Beaty ... Sound vaguely familiar?

You just have to wonder if Bert and Betty's will cater the reception.

* * *

Then at last Friday's Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble, we were all left seeing double behind the ninth green.

That's where Pat McCune met Pat McCune, shaking hands and posing for photos.

"I've never met another Pat McCune," Pat McCune of Greencastle said.

Then he signed up to help out with the scramble and, faster than you could think identity theft, he meets someone with the same name, representing Duke Energy in the scramble event.

Yes, it's a small world after all, indeed. Just let me note that the next time I run into another Eric Bernsee will be the first time.

And for that, you can all consider yourselves lucky.

* * *

And finally, as a footnote to last week's story noting the upcoming reopening of the Greencastle bowling alley: The new owners are Garry and Valerie Waters of Cloverdale.

Those names should sound familiar to local readers. It was their 21-year-old son, Jimmy Waters, who died for his country last July while serving in Afghanistan.

Having watched Garry and Valerie deal with their loss with dignity and grace during the ceremonies in Whiteland last July, I am excited and proud to see them become part of the Greencastle community.

Best wishes and good luck.