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Improvements to water and roads coming to Russellville

Thursday, May 24, 2012

RUSSELLVILLE -- Final plans for the water project were completed and shown before the Russellville council on Monday.

The installation of new meters and pipes will come as part of a series of improvements to the town.

The Putnam County Highway Department has been granted the ability to repave the main road through town, but that effort will likely be delayed until after the water project is completed.

A separate water filtration project, tabled in February because of a lack of funds, was opened again for discussion because a bank loan came through.

The council also agreed to explore purchasing materials to install a new awning on the building spanning the front of the Russellville town hall.

The water project has been a long time coming.

Russellville secured a grant from OCRA in February and has been working with Wessler Engineering to complete plans so the project can begin.

A pre-bid meeting will occur on June 11 with the bid opening on June 21.

The road project, which was awarded to Russellville, may now have to wait until fall to begin.

Clint Maddox, a representative from the highway department, said he doesn't believe the delay will cause his organization to pull the project but he does want to wait until the roads are clear of heavy construction equipment before they begin.

"We don't get a chance to do something like this that often so when we do we want it to be good," Maddox said.

The town is also hoping to begin the filtration project around that time.

The water filter is on its last legs. The town tried to work out a deal to replace it but failed to find the funding.

Now, with funding in place, Russellville try to reopen the project.

In the last incarnation, plans called for a very specific pump that would fit in the building. It moved on to the bidding phase before all were rejected.

New plans are being discussed that could potentially eliminate the need for bids, although that is still an option.

Because the project has changed, however, the town would have to start the entire process over, draw up new plans, clear them and then opening up another set of bids.

The filtration project was originally a part of the water project. Not long after that component was removed the OCRA grant was awarded.

The town was left to fend on its own to find funding.

Russellville's council will continue to explore options and discuss the project at another meeting.

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