Letter to the Editor

Stamp of approval for Post Office Food Drive

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To the Editor:

I am happy to report that the U.S. Post Office Food Drive had a very good year. We went from 1,500 pounds last year to 3,300 pounds this year.

And it all wouldn't be possible without the mail carriers, city and rural, and our volunteers.

With that said, a very special thanks to the following: Jared Jernagan and Rob Crawley for helping us get the word out; supervisor Kyle Hancock and Postmaster Darrell Stockton for your help and cooperation; our food packers and haulers; coaches Kris Huffman and Mary Smith, John and JD Briones; Clayton Byrd; Ed and Lorri Lattanzio and her GCC group; Judy Miller of the Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry; Tina, Ian and Ava Williamson; Kathy Deer; Brent, Tina, Lucas and Savanna Newland.

And again to the mail carriers, who took the extra time to collect the food, and without whom none of this would be possible.

Something that I found with a food pick-up I personally had that made this worthwhile was a piece of paper I found in the bottom of a bag from a woman in a wheelchair that didn't look like she had the means to give that much but gave the most.

This is what that paper said:

Gracious God, you give your people what they need to sustain their lives and make their hearts glad. Bless the ones who receive these necessities. May the use of these gifts give them a sense of hope that the needs they suffer today will not last forever. Turn their worry into peace of mind and help them remember that the people of St. Andrew's and this community care for them and their families. Grant this, O God, for your tender mercies' sake.

Enough said.

Thanks again

Janie Briones

Food Coordinator

Greencastle Post Office