Area 30 continues to work toward balanced calendar

Friday, June 15, 2012

As the Area 30 Career Center Board met for its monthly meeting on Thursday morning, the main focus was the 2013-14 school year.

The board continues to focus on moving toward a balanced calendar, but with a variety of opinions it's now looking as if things will be staying traditional with a few minor changes.

Cloverdale Superintendent Carrie Milner presented the board with two possibilities of what the balanced calendar may look like. However, following in others' footsteps is not what the board is looking to do at this time.

"We've worked for several years to try and keep our calendars as close as we can for the benefit of our students," said board president Murray Pride. "I think it's very important we do what's best for our kids."

Mill Creek Community Schools has currently adapted its version of the balanced calendar and with a quick look at that, the board decided to make changes of its own.

One of the major problems with the proposed balanced calendar was several two-week breaks throughout the year. The board itself felt as if taking two weeks off several times throughout the year would be detrimental to the students' learning.

"We have to come to somewhat of an agreement," explained Pride. "It causes problems if some are on it (the balanced calendar) and some are not."

After a lengthy discussion the board will be looking at keeping the traditional calendar, but having all major breaks and dates line up.

"The closer we get to a common calendar the better off these people are," Pride said. "Let's take the old traditional calendar and compromise."

One suggestion the board will continue looking at is compiling all snow make-up days into one week after spring break. This would allow students a potentially longer vacation.

The board made no decisions during the meeting, but will continue to explore the issue further during the July monthly meeting.

Area 30 also received a $504.33 scholarship check, which was presented by Dave Archer of the Putnam County Community Foundation. The funds are a part of the Karl and Amanda Reiblich Memorial Fund. Area 30 plans on adding the money to the general scholarship fund for its students.

Keeping with the regular routine, the board passed the proposed handbooks for both students and staff for the 2012-13 year.

Very few changes were said to be made to the handbooks. However, one major change for the upcoming year will be if a junior receives a failing grade in a semester, he or she will no longer be able to enroll in the program again.

The renewal of the Child-Adult Resource Services, West Central Indiana Education Service Center and Old National Trail subleases for the 2012-13 school year were approved. They will continue at the current rate.

Area 30 Director Lora Bush sought and gained approval from the board on the hiring of summer part-time help, which included Zane Earles as technology support as well as part-time student employees Grant Earles, Ethan Paxton, Seth Nunley and Sean Hinners.

The hiring of Karen Heavin to fill the position of deputy treasurer, language arts integration and credit recovery coordinator was also approved.

Due to low enrollment the board was forced to approve the reduction in force for Donnie Watson and Jon Tesmer. The termination of Jessica Ferran and the resignation of Greg Ray as custodian were also approved.

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