Letter to the Editor

Homeowner loses faith in contractor, roofer

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the Editor:

After much thought, consideration and prayer, I have decided to write this letter -- hoping perhaps to help seniors and other people avoid the problems that have recently happened to me.

My first problem is with a contractor:

A few months ago, after a bad storm, I found my bedroom badly damaged and in need of repair. I contacted a contractor -- one in whom I had confidence. I believed that he and his crew would do a decent job on my house.

After the job had been completed and the contractor had been paid, I discovered damage to some of my furniture and hardwood floors. I have made many phone calls and sent many letters to this contractor, but have not heard a word from him -- and really don't expect I ever will.

My second problem is with a roofer:

This roofer was highly recommended to me as one of the best in the area. His job on my house was only partly done -- it was never really completed. Plus, I was told by another contractor that because this roofer had used scrap material, I will have continuing roof problems and, of course, continuing out-of-pocket expenses.

Just as with my "problem contractor," I have made many phone calls and sent many letters to this roofer, but have not heard back from him -- and really don't expect ever will.

Over the years -- before these two experiences, I had come to believe that most people, especially successful business operators, had gotten away from bad habits and negative feelings toward seniors and others. I was wrong!

Charles Miles