Letter to the Editor

Become less of a target for thieves

Friday, July 6, 2012

To the Editor:

Residential burglary has increased considerably around the county over the past several weeks. Usually the growing season lends to the increase because of less visibility due to corn crops.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Department has taken a number of reports and a few leads have been produced.

However, burglary is a very difficult crime to solve, which is why burglary and theft are the No. 1 crimes being committed across the nation.

We are asking for your help. There are some things you can do to become less of a target, or if you do fall victim to burglary several things can be done to assist in the investigation.

Installing a burglar alarm can be a great advantage to you. Even if it does not dial into a 911 center, the sound of a loud alarm going off will usually deter the burglar immediately.

Don't allow shrubs to cover windows or other objects to obscure view of your home. If your home is somewhat isolated from neighbors, it can be a prime target for burglars.

Work with neighbors to keep an eye on each other's property and note when you see an unfamiliar vehicle in the area. Note the description and a possible plate number if it can be safely obtained.

It is important to make a record of make, model and serial numbers of TVs, computers, stereos, guns and expensive tools. Photograph your jewelry.

Lastly, if you are confronted by a burglar, we don't recommend that you attempt to detain him. Doing so can be very dangerous, especially if he is desperate.

The best thing you can do is train yourself to constantly be observant and aware of your surroundings. Observing small details of suspects and suspect vehicles along with definitive descriptions of stolen property are of great assistance to our investigations.

Pat McFadden

Chief of Detectives

Putnam County

Sheriff's Department