Letter to the Editor

No law enforcement on animal control issues

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To the Editor:

I am a concerned citizen of Greencastle. I have noticed that our police officers have been neglecting certain laws pertaining to noise ordinance and animal control.

There is a problem amongst all of Greencastle that we have to deal with since the falling of the Humane Society. That is, that when you call into dispatch to report a disturbance involving an animal (even one that has become a common nuisance) the dispatcher states, "Well, there isn't anything we can do because we do not have Animal Control."

Well, here is my statement: They could ticket the owners of these animals, especially since it is against the noise ordinance of the City of Greencastle for there to be an excessive amount of noise before the hours of 8 a.m. (I believe it is 8, it maybe 9 a.m.) and not after midnight.

On another hand, Greencastle animal owners are to have a permit if they have more than three dogs in a home. I can also tell you that this law, too, is not being enforced due to our law "enforcement" not having Animal Control -- at least this is what is said again, when you call dispatch.

Why should we taxpayers have to pay for law enforcement if there isn't any? Aren't they supposed to protect everyone, no matter how minor? I say ticket these people, or arrest them for being a common nuisance, and take the money they get from those tickets and get us some Animal Control!

You can consider this just a "common complaint," but it is becoming worse as time goes on. Maybe the mayor will see it if it is published ...

After seeing an officer just drive by and not do anything about the seven or eight animals next door, that just really ended up under my skin.

Susan Peters