Cloverdale Elementary School Paper Recycling

Saturday, September 1, 2012

CLOVERDALE --Students at Cloverdale Elementary have begun to collect paper to recycle. This is an easy way for locals to recycle their paper every week and help raise money for projects like playgrounds, landscaping, books, and other school needs.

Recycling paper, not only saves water and energy, but the school earns money for every pound of paper collected.

Papers that can be collected include: office paper, newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs, and school papers.

Items that cannot be accepted include: cardboard, plastic, phone books or food wrappers.

Please put all magazines, mail, newspapers and office papers in the green and yellow bin in the Cloverdale Elementary parking lot, but do not include cardboard or phone books.

The green and yellow paper retriever dumpsters are located in the auxiliary parking lot to the west of the elementary school entrance.

Cloverdale Elementary would like to thank continued supports of this important fundraising effort, and requests that everyone add recycling to his or her errand route to bring paper by once a week.

For further information persons may contact Brad Sandy at the elementary office at 795-4339 or at

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