Salt storage, People Pathway improvements due for Fillmore

Friday, September 7, 2012

FILLMORE -- The president of the Fillmore Town Council has volunteered his time and money to build a new salt storage facility for the town. Now he's asking his fellow residents for assistance.

In August, Council President Alan Jones got the go-ahead from the rest of the council to construct a new salt storage floor on the same property as the town's water tower.

Funding for the project is coming out of Jones' pocket -- a blessing to the cash-strapped community.

On Thursday, Jones reported stakes have been laid on the piece of ground and materials are likely to be in next week.

The only details that remain are when the project will take place and if Jones can find some assistance.

"It will be about eight yards of concrete," Jones said. "It's not something I can finish myself."

Jones is talking to Cash Concrete to see when it can deliver the concrete for the project. He's hoping Cash will deliver on the weekend to maximize the potential for help.

"I may try to do this on a Saturday so I can get some help," Jones said.

Anyone interested in assisting with the project may contact Jones at 246-6316.

Another project affecting the town involves the improvements to the People Pathways Greencastle-Fillmore Trail. Joy Marley of People Pathways reported Thursday evening on the progress of the trail.

Marley said trees have been cleared and material is being hauled in.

The trail will continue to serve walkers, runners and bicyclists, but will now have one side for horseback riding as well.

She begged patience of local residence while the work continues, saying the payoff would be worth it.

"It makes my heart sing when I come through town and there's kids on bicycles," Marley said. "And they're ready -- they just need some place to ride."

Marley also said plans are still in place to extend the trail to the east from Fillmore to Coatesville, but her organization is taking its time.

People Pathways applied for and received four grants for that phase of the project. However, the money received was half of the needed money, so only half the trail could be built.

She said the organization is always trying to stretch each dollar and will always accept material donations and volunteers to make projects like this a reality.

In other business:

* The council approved the renewal of the Liberty Trailer Sales tax abatement, which is scheduled to run through 2014.

The company currently employs 17 and is slowly increasing.

* Councilor Tami Van Rensselaer presented a detailed Census report for the town with the population sorted by age, household information and housing types.

Van Rensselaer said the information will be necessary as the town moves forward in applying for grants.

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