Fillmore council approves policy for cross-connection

Friday, October 12, 2012

FILLMORE -- In an effort to ensure the safety of the town's drinking water supply, the Fillmore Town Council recently adopted a cross-connection control plan regarding the town water utilities.

While cross-connections were already illegal in the town, having an official policy regarding the issue mandated by federal and state law, so the passage of the policy was simply a formality at the October council meeting.

The policy is in place to prevent contamination of town water by water from private supplies. Essentially, it is illegal to have town water and private well water flowing through the same plumbing due to the risk of backflow and possible contamination.

The rules further allow for inspection and testing of new and existing residences and enforcement, including shutting down water service.

Regulations were also established for backflow prevention.

One resident asked if the policies apply to the use of town water for indoor plumbing but well water for outdoor use.

However, if water from the two sources does not flow through the same pipes it is not a violation.

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