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Unashamed Youth Ministries to host free rally on Saturday

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In an effort to bring young children and teens together the Unashamed Youth Ministry of the Cornerstone Baptist Church will be hosting the Non.Solus youth rally at the Putnam County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Oct. 20 from 5-11 p.m.

Although, it is a different theme than last year's rally the main goal of the event is to bring the youth of Putnam County together, no matter what their faith may be.

This year's theme, Non.Solus, is a Latin term meaning not alone. The church believes in this day and age that is extremely important especially with all the violence and bullying occurring in many school systems today.

"We tried to figure out a way that we could encourage the students and let them know they are not alone in those struggles," said Cornerstone pastor Dave Neeley. "Especially, you know, you hear really horrible stories about kids taking their life or you know all of these things a lot of times the core is that they feel alone or forgotten."

The rally will focus not only on some of the tough struggles that teenagers face today, but it will also help remind participants that there are others going through the similar issues and that with the help of good friends and God, one can get through those tough seasons.

"We really want get kids to understand, no matter how bad it may get, you're not alone," Neeley said. "Working with teenagers, one of the things you realize rather quickly is that there is a lot of stuff that they go through in life that is overwhelming."

Preparation for the event began as soon as last year's event, Unashamed, ended. Over the last year Neeley along with his staff recognized many of the changes in the teenage culture itself. Teenagers are now dealing with far more than were years ago.

"Over the last year I've really recognized the change in youth culture over the past 10 years," said Neeley. "Things that my friends struggled with as juniors and seniors in high school, teenagers are now facing in middle school. I think that we see that coming out in the attitudes of the teenagers. It's tough being a teenager."

Although there was a great turnout last year, the youth group is hoping to have even more local churches involved in Non.Solus.

"Our goal was to have more students last year," explained Neeley. "But with the first year you just never know. Our hope is to just build upon it each year."

This year the worship acts Studio Band Trio and Michael Cochrane will perform. The Unashamed Youth Ministry will also be performing two dramas during the evening.

"Our hope is to get as many teens from sixth-12th grade there," said Neeley. "It doesn't matter their background."

Pre-registration is not required for the free rally. The rally will also have several door prizes, which include four $50 gift cards from Teachers Credit Union.

For more information call the Cornerstone Baptist Church at 655-1017.

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