Community center passes inspection at Russellville

Friday, October 19, 2012

RUSSELLVILLE -- Brighter days appear to be on the horizon for the Russellville Community Center as fears of a possible impending closure were put to rest this week.

Russellville Town Council president Don Reddish reported at the regular monthly meeting that after an insurance review last week, the community center is in good shape to continue.

The building has two furnace boilers, though one was recently shut down due to safety concerns.

The other boiler passed inspection and will allow the building to remain open throughout the winter.

Repairing or replacing the broken, leaking boiler would cost more than a new car, which is money the community center does not have.

At the September town meeting, community center representatives discussed searching for a funding grant to help contribute to covering the cost.

On Monday, town clerk-treasurer DeVon Davis said a potential grant had been located.

Although the deadline is approaching fast and it may be too late to apply this year, the town and community center may have some help.

Reddish said the town of Bainbridge has discussed contributing to the grant application.

Dividing the application could help present a bigger need for the grant, which may increase the likelihood of approval.

The community center is an important part of Russellville all year, but in the cold winters it becomes especially notable.

The annual Christmas Cantata is held there each year.

With the recent insurance inspection passing, it appears likely that the cantata will continue this year.

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