Letter to the Editor

In appreciation of Hoosier service personnel

Friday, November 9, 2012

To the Editor:

Last month I had the opportunity to meet with Hoosiers serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, on duty near The Philippines.

I was not surprised to see that Indiana was well represented among the USS George Washington crew, just as our great state is in all branches of the Armed Forces.

Their mission includes keeping the high seas open to trade, being on alert to interdict illegal shipments of arms, and being a central presence in the United States growing foreign policy leadership in Asia.

I began my professional life as a Naval intelligence officer, analyzing every night the movements of our military and those of our adversaries. It was inspiring to see the young men and women of the USS George Washington continuing the watch.

On Veterans Day and at Thanksgiving time this year, I ask Hoosiers to pray for our service personnel, especially those far away from home.

Also give a special prayer of thanks to the millions of dedicated American veterans who have served before them. Their contribution has protected and advanced the freedom and prosperity we enjoy.

Dick Lugar
U.S. Senator