Letter to the Editor

13th annual campaign continues to meet a need in the community

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Putnam County Youth Development Commission we would like to thank the many individuals, businesses, churches, and school communities that contributed to the success of our 13th annual Coats for Kids Campaign. Thanks to Putnam County's generosity over 800 coats and 250 sweatshirts and light weight jackets were distributed on Saturday, Oct. 27 at Harris Hall at the Putnam County Fairgrounds. Since that time, over 250 additional coats have been locally distributed to churches, schools and social service agencies.

Words cannot begin to express our sincere appreciation for what your donations have meant, especially to, but more importantly for the children you've helped be prepared for the cold and wintry months ahead.

We are grateful to the many partners that continue to be a part of this effort each year. Thanks again and again to Kappa Delta Phi Sorority for dedicating time and energy in decorating our "yellow boxes" and of course those coat donations you so generously shared.

A special thank you to all the businesses, schools and organizations that serve as collection sites for coat donations. A sincere thank you to Jackie Baumann and the Putnam County Homemaker's Extension Club for their continued support in facilitating the use of Harris Hall and the proceeds they so graciously share from their annual Halloween Fundraiser. And to Teena Bryant and the staff of Ascena Retail Group who helped provide us with 800 new coats. Cathy Crispin and the staff of Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries for the use of your coat racks so our inventory could be displayed according to size and gender.

Thank you to our local Walmart for the hats and gloves you continue to supply each year. We also wish to express our appreciation to Bethel Baptist Church for their generosity during the campaign.

To those who financially support our efforts to ensure there is inventory available throughout the winter season: United Way of Putnam County, Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Connie Hayes and staff of Hayes, Murphy, Sharp and Brackney, and Jack and Shirley Dalton. A special thank you to Beth Gregory and the staff of Heartland Automotive who willingly share their time and energy by shopping for specific coat sizes for Putnam County's children.

Our sincere appreciation to the Athletic Department of DePauw University for their generosity in the use of their facility to launder our coats, and to DePauw's printing department, we appreciate your annual donation of printed materials for our campaign.

Congratulations to the Greencastle and North Putnam Team for winning our annual football competition for the second straight year. The contest was very competitive, but Greencastle and North Putnam were able to pull out another victory. To all the elementary schools that joined the annual event; the competition was closer than ever before, but for the fifth consecutive year "Roachdale Elementary" will again be our "shining star." A special ice cream party will be held in their honor on Wednesday, Nov. 21 along with a special visit from our National Night Out Knight.

And we must not forget our friends throughout the Putnam County community, we couldn't continue without you. First, to members of the North Putnam Boys Varsity Basketball team that helped unload over 800 coats, Shane Beaman, Michael Roberts, Jordan Nauert, Brandon Hall, Ben Hazelgrove and Blake Bonificious. To Area 30 Career Center students from the Heavy Equipment Program who helped load all the remaining inventory and made sure the boxes were delivered to our storage area.

And, thank you to the PC Sheriff's Department for their cooperation in helping to ensure our coat inventory was quickly and efficiently delivered from our office to the fairgrounds.

Last but certainly not least, to those who have supported us all along the way from local community members to students and staff from South Putnam and North Putnam schools, you are the greatest: Matt Demmings, William Merkel, Dominique Gibson, Carol Emery, and Jana Brothers; also Brian Gardner, Miranda Heavin, Megan Burdine, Kelly Robertson, Madison Cash, Kelly Hayden, Kyndra Boyce, Megan Guthrie, Ashley Schroer, Kendall DeHann, Madison Egold, Kimberly Cheatham, Katie McHugh, Grady McHugh, Shelby Johnson, Bethany Zeiner, Sawyer Arnold, Jessie Lund, Matthew Lund, Kassi Rains, Nathan Criss, JD Briones, Miriah Cherry, Katie Jo Beasley, Allacyn Arnold, Alex Land, Bennett Hazelgrove, Katie Hewitt, Shaquoia Gulley, Emily Dobson, Lora Busch, Sue Murray, and Jennifer Edwards.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and prosperous start to 2013. On behalf of the children of Putnam County, Thank You!

PC Youth Development


Coats for Kids Committee

Dominique Gibson,

Renee Marsteller,

Matt Demmings,

Patti Harmless

and Linda Merkel