Letter to the Editor

Find strength through church, not vandalism

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To the Editor:

For the second time in four years, the bench in front of First Christian Church on Indiana Street has been vandalized.

The first time was several years ago, and the bench was destroyed. It had been placed there in memory of the parents of one of our members. It was replaced with a bench given in memory of another of our deceased members.

On Nov. 29, I arrived to find that the bench had been ripped from its mountings on the concrete pad. Fortunately, it was not otherwise damaged.

It is not just us. The neighboring office has had its fence destroyed several times.

The church takes much effort to keep this corner as a beautiful and peaceful place. Two of our members are gardeners, and spend hours every summer with the plants.

It is a symbol of the beauty and peace that we find in our worship of the Lord. And to destroy the monuments to loved ones is an act without sense.

To those who have committed these acts, you know who you are. We invite you to worship with us to find a better use for your obvious physical strength.

Rev. Dr. Paul Champion

Senior Minister

First Christian Church