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GHS Tiger Cubs paddle past Southmont Mounties

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Greencastle freshman Amelia Smith (far) edges out senior Kaelynn Cox (near) and Southmont's Kelly Richards in the girls 100-yard freestyle event on Thursday. Less than one second seperated the three swimmers.
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The Greencastle boys' and girls' swimming and diving teams dominated their dual meets against South-mont on Thursday.

The girls' won every event en route to a 121-55 win.

The boys' were tripped up only in diving and cruised to a 142-28.

"I'm very happy with the results," GHS swim coach Kent Menzel said. "They told me they were going to do some great stuff tonight, and they definitely delivered."

Although the teams cruised, there were several races that came right down to the wire.

In the girls' 200-free, GHS swimmer senior Kaelynn Cox led by only half a body length with 60 yards to go. She pulled away in down the stretch, giving her a 3.2 second victory, finishing in a time of 2:25.30.

That was one of the few scares the Mounties could give Greencastle, but the team provided enough excitement for itself.

"For us, it's how everybody is progressing as far as their times are concerned," Manzel said. "We have really had a great week. We did not quite see the effect of the fast swimming in the team score (of Tuesday's meet) against Bloomington North, but it was really happening.

"Tonight, that momentum continued at the right place at the right time, and you saw what our swimmers were capable of more and more."

A pair of Tiger Cub girls raced to the finish in the 100 free, with freshman Amelia Smith edging out Cox, 1:03.60 to 1:03.84.

The boys' squad had it's own excitement.

After Southmont sophomore diver Zac Gray pulled out a victory over GHS sophomore Levi Lewis, the Tiger Cubs' swimmers swept the rest of the meet, challenging only themselves to the finish.

This became especially true in the 100-back, which pitted two of the Tiger Cubs' better swimmers -- junior Nash Firebaugh and junior Nathan Gardner -- against each other.

"Nash and Nathan are good friends and they asked to be able to race each other tonight, so I let them," Menzel said. "They're both very fast. Nash tonight had a little bit of an edge on his turns. In terms of straight-up swimming speed they were pretty equal, but Nash was getting a little bit of an edge each time they came into the wall.

"They were both in it for fun tonight, and I think they were both winners on that count."

Firebaugh finished at 59.53, narrowly edging out Gardner.

The Tiger Cubs made clean top-three sweeps in boys 200 free, girls 200 IM, girls and boys 100 fly and boys 100 free.

GHS returns to the pool on Tuesday at Crawfordsville at 6 p.m., with the conference schedule starting soon after.

"We're going to keep pressing up until Dec. 22 where we finish our fall season at the Wabash Valley Invitational," Menzel said. "We want to be strong and sharp for conference, but then set our eyes on the sectional championship."

At Greencastle

Girls' swimming and diving
Greencastle 121, Southmont 55

Boys' swimming and diving
Greencastle 142, Southmont 28

Event Results
Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay:
1. GHS 'A' (Meyer, Mallary FR, Wheeler, Emily JR, Brush, Libby FR, Smith, Amelia FR), 2:07.94; 2. SHS 'A' (Ward, Ellen B JR, Kinkead, Morgan M JR, Wickholm, Nikki M SO, Witherspoon, Lauren N JR), 2:18.65; 3. GHS 'B' (Roberts, Jessica FR, Hansen, Beth Ann SO, Romer, Corrie FR, Stevens, Kristen SO), 2:21.41; 4. SHS 'B' (Edwards, Christa SO, Reed, Sadie A SR, Harrison, Katy M SO, Waddell, Hannah B SR), 2:36.41.

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay:
1. GHS 'A' (Gardner, Nathan JR, Harms, Isaac JR, Firebaugh, Nash L JR, Secrest, Taylor SO), 1:52.62; 2. GHS-IN 'B' (Mangrum, Brant JR, Watson, Brayden SO, Ummel, Jason SO, Kessler, Jacob FR), 2:05.90; 3. SHS 'A' (Cloncs, Steven FR, Bartlett, Collin SR, Arnold, Justin L SO, Waddell, Wyatt 7), 2:16.21; 4. GHS-IN 'C' (Johnson, Mitchell SO, Hudson, Bryce SR, Secrest, Zach SO, Lewis, Levi SO), 2:19.61.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle:
1. Cox, Kaelynn, GCAS-IN, 2:25.30; 2. Richards, Kelsey M, SMT-IN, 2:28.52; 3. Simpson, Shannon M, SMT-IN, 2:32.47; 4. Doyle, Brittany N, SMT-IN, 2:38.51; 5. Mason, Kaitlynne, GCAS-IN, 2:55.38; 6. Anderson, Caitlyn, GCAS-IN, 3:10.95.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle:
1. Brattain, Elijah D, GCAS-IN, 2:04.42; 2. Asbell, Alex, GCAS-IN, 2:16.00; 3. Briones, Alex J, GCAS-IN, 2:18.66; 4. Bartlett, Collin, SMT-IN, 2:22.35.

Girls 200 Yard IM:
1. Brush, Libby, GCAS-IN, 2:36.16; 2. Wheeler, Emily, GCAS-IN, 2:45.07; 3. Gomez, Rosio, GCAS-IN, 2:47.86; 4. Wickholm, Nikki M, SMT-IN, 2:51.08; 5. Waddell, Hannah B, SMT-IN, 2:59.92; --. Harrison, Katy M, SMT-IN, DQ.

Boys 200 Yard IM:
1. Firebaugh, Nash L, GCAS-IN, 2:13.02; 2. Ummel, Jason, GCAS-IN, 2:38.39; 3. Arnold, Justin L, SMT-IN, 2:43.05; 4. Watson, Brayden, GCAS-IN, 2:52.72.

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle:
1. Smith, Amelia, GCAS-IN, 28.44; 2. Witherspoon, Lauren N, SMT-IN, 30.16; 3. Moore, Rebecca, GCAS-IN, 30.84; 4. Ward, Ellen B, SMT-IN, 31.43; 5. Stevens, Kristen, GCAS-IN, 32.43; 6. Karpova, Sofya, SMT-IN, 36.69.

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle:
1. Secrest, Taylor, GCAS-IN, 26.42; 2. Harms, Isaac, GCAS-IN, 27.50; 3. Cloncs, Steven, SMT-IN, 31.48; 4. Johnson, Mitchell, GCAS-IN, 31.75; 5. Waddell, Wyatt, SMT-IN, 32.76.

Girls 1 mtr Diving:
1. Fauvergue, Madi, GCAS-IN, 102.35.

Boys 1 mtr Diving:
1. Gray, Zac, SMT-IN, 135.70; 2. Lewis, Levi, GCAS-IN, 130.75.

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly:
1. Gomez, Rosio, GCAS-IN, 1:14.60; 2. Meyer, Mallary, GCAS-IN, 1:15.09; 3. Romer, Corrie, GCAS-IN, 1:18.91; 4. Wickholm, Nikki M, SMT-IN, 1:24.51; 5. Peters, Allison, SMT-IN, 2:22.92.

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly:
1. Gardner, Nathan, GCAS-IN, 1:02.27; 2. Mangrum, Brant, GCAS-IN, 1:24.71; 3. Secrest, Zach, GCAS-IN, 1:32.86.

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle:
1. Smith, Amelia, GCAS-IN, 1:03.60; 2. Cox, Kaelynn, GCAS-IN, 1:03.83; 3. Richards, Kelsey M, SMT-IN, 1:04.50; 4. Witherspoon, Lauren N, SMT-IN, 1:08.79; 5. Hansen, Beth Ann, GCAS-IN, 1:20.96; 6. Karpova, Sofya, SMT-IN, 1:29.14.

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle:
1. Brattain, Elijah D, GCAS-IN, 54.22; 2. Ummel, Jason, GCAS-IN, 1:01.56; 3. Kessler, Jacob, GCAS-IN, 1:03.85; 4. Gray, Zac, SMT-IN, 1:21.47.

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle:
1. Brush, Libby, GCAS-IN, 6:27.05; 2. Simpson, Shannon M, SMT-IN, 6:50.88; 3. Doyle, Brittany N, SMT-IN, 6:57.05; 4. Moore, Rebecca, GCAS-IN, 7:01.93; 5. Mason, Kaitlynne, GCAS-IN, 7:48.47; 6. Edwards, Christa, SMT-IN, 8:03.43.

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle:
1. Harms, Isaac, GCAS-IN, 6:04.32; 2. Briones, Alex J, GCAS-IN, 6:26.57; 3. Bartlett, Collin, SMT-IN, 6:27.73; 4. Asbell, Alex, GCAS-IN, 6:27.85; 5. Waddell, Wyatt, SMT-IN, 8:07.02.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay:
1. GHS 'A' (Cox, Kaelynn SR, Romer, Corrie FR, Gomez, Rosio JR, Smith, Amelia FR), 1:54.72; 2. SHS 'A' (Monts, Brooke A JR, Richards, Kelsey M SR, Kinkead, Morgan M JR, Simpson, Shannon M JR), 2:03.34; 3. GHS 'B' (Wheeler, Emily JR, Roberts, Jessica FR, Stevens, Kristen SO, Moore, Rebecca SO), 2:06.72; 4. SHS 'B' (Doyle, Brittany N SR, Peters, Allison SO, Edwards, Christa SO, Waddell, Hannah B SR), 2:25.11; 5. GHS 'C' (Anderson, Caitlyn FR, Fauvergue, Madi FR, Hansen, Beth Ann SO, Mason, Kaitlynne SR), 2:30.90.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay:
1. GHS 'A' (Brattain, Elijah D SO, Kessler, Jacob FR, Secrest, Taylor SO, Briones, Alex J SO), 1:46.03; 2. GHS-IN 'B' (Ummel, Jason SO, Watson, Brayden SO, Mangrum, Brant JR, Asbell, Alex SR), 1:53.97; 3. SHS 'A' (Arnold, Justin L SO, Cloncs, Steven FR, Waddell, Wyatt 7, Bartlett, Collin SR), 2:05.25.

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke:
1. Meyer, Mallary, GCAS-IN, 1:14.32; 2. Harrison, Katy M, SMT-IN, 1:21.68; 3. Roberts, Jessica, GCAS-IN, 1:27.87; 4. Anderson, Caitlyn, GCAS-IN, 1:45.96; 5. Peters, Allison, SMT-IN, 1:46.91.

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke:
1. Firebaugh, Nash L, GCAS-IN, 59.53; 2. Gardner, Nathan, GCAS-IN, 1:01.68; 3. Cloncs, Steven, SMT-IN, 1:16.06; 4. Johnson, Mitchell, GCAS-IN, 1:17.31.

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke:
1. Wheeler, Emily, GCAS-IN, 1:21.65; 2. Kinkead, Morgan M, SMT-IN, 1:22.08; 3. Romer, Corrie, GCAS-IN, 1:24.17; 4. Hansen, Beth Ann, GCAS-IN, 1:27.27; 5. Reed, Sadie A, SMT-IN, 1:28.12; 6. Monts, Brooke A, SMT-IN, 1:35.77.

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke:
1. Secrest, Taylor, GCAS-IN, 1:16.46; 2. Watson, Brayden, GCAS-IN, 1:19.61; 3. Hudson, Bryce, GCAS-IN, 1:20.48.

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay:
1. GHS 'A' (Brush, Libby FR, Meyer, Mallary FR, Gomez, Rosio JR, Cox, Kaelynn SR), 4:26.51; 2. SHS 'A' (Witherspoon, Lauren N JR, Wickholm, Nikki M SO, Simpson, Shannon M JR, Richards, Kelsey M SR), 4:39.82; 3. GHS 'B' (Roberts, Jessica FR, Mason, Kaitlynne SR, Stevens, Kristen SO, Moore, Rebecca SO), 5:09.78; 4. SHS 'B' (Doyle, Brittany N SR, Reed, Sadie A SR, Monts, Brooke A JR,

Harrison, Katy M SO), 5:22.71.

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay:
1. GHS 'A' (Brattain, Elijah D SO, Harms, Isaac JR, Gardner, Nathan JR, Firebaugh, Nash L JR), 3:44.07; 2. GHS-IN 'B' (Briones, Alex J SO, Kessler, Jacob FR, Mangrum, Brant JR, Asbell, Alex SR), 4:16.89; 3. GHS 'C' (Hudson, Bryce SR, Lewis, Levi SO, Johnson, Mitchell SO, Secrest, Zach SO), 5:24.81.

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