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Greencastle swimmers split with Cascade on senior night

Friday, January 11, 2013

Greencastle senior Kaelynn Cox dives into the pool to begin her leg of the 400 freestyle relay at a meet earlier this year. Cox is one of six seniors that was honored at senior night on Wednesday.
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Coming off an impressive sweep in both the boys' and girls' swimming and diving West Central Conference meets on Saturday, Greencastle returned to the pool Wednesday, hosting conference rival Cascade.

The Cadet girls lost a close contest on Saturday, but got their revenge on Wednesday, beating Greencastle 94-92.

Like Saturday, the contest came down to the final relay, but Cascade turned the tables this time and won the 400 freestyle event.

In the boys competition, the Tiger Cubs continued their season-long execution, winning 115-64.

"(It was) a tough fought meet last night between our girls and Cascade," GHS coach Kent Menzel said. "For the night -- though we swam well -- Cascade had the edge."

Greencastle started the night getting another win in the 200 medley relay with a team of freshman Mallary Meyer, junior Emily Wheeler, freshman Libby Brush and junior Rachel Custis topping the Cadets by more than five seconds.

Brush also picked up an individual win in the 200 IM, and freshman Amelia Smith won the 100 free.

Menzel also singled out the performance of junior Rosio Gomez, whose solid swims provided depth that piled up points to keep GHS in the contest.

The boys team had depth as well, but they also piled up wins.

"The boys worked well last night against the small but spirited Cascade squad," Menzel said. "(Junior) Nash Firebaugh and (sophomore) Elijah Brattain continued to swim well, but Jacob Kessler (100 fly), Taylor Secrest (50 free), Jason Ummel (500 free) and Nathan Gardner (100 breast) all had breakthrough swims."

It was a bittersweet night for the hosts. The Tiger Cubs held senior night against Cascade in what may be the last home dual for many of the competitors.

"Our team was proud, but sad, to honor our six seniors, including Alex Asbell, Kae Lynn Cox, Bryce Hudson, Kaitlynne Mason, Janelle Mason and Josie Wood," Menzel said. "All six have worked very hard to provide leadership for GHS swimming and diving and they will be missed next year."

The Tiger Cubs will now gear up for the Athenians Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 19 at Cascade at 9 a.m., and Menzel said he expects some great performances.

At Greencastle
Girls -- final
1, Cascade High School, 94. 2, Greencastle High School, 92.

Boys -- final
1, Greencastle High School, 115. 2, Cascade High School, 64.

Event results

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay: 1, GHS 'A' (Meyer, Mallary FR, Wheeler, Emily JR, Brush, Libby FR, Custis, Rachel JR), 2:09.71. 2, CAS 'A' (Brown, Alexis FR, Balzano, Gabriela FR, Rosales, Hayley SO, Keegan, Chasity FR), 2:14.72. 3, GHS 'B' (Roberts, Jessica FR, Hansen, Beth Ann SO, Cassida, Sydney JR, Stevens, Kristen SO), 2:23.06. 4, CAS 'B' (Thornburg, Tarah FR, Gibson, Jaira FR, Neuhausel, Carly JR, Holden, Autumn), 2:30.35. 5, GHS 'C' (Wood, Josie SR, Mason, Kaitlynne SR, Anderson, Caitlyn FR, Fauvergue, Madi FR), 2:56.87.

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay: 1, GHS 'A' (Gardner, Nathan JR, Secrest, Taylor SO, Firebaugh, Nash L JR, Harms, Isaac JR), 1:52.68. 2, CAS 'A' (Gilmore, Jesse SR, Dugan, Cole JR, VanWinkle, Alex SO, Cecil, Alex JR), 1:59.77. 3, GHS 'B' (Mangrum, Brant JR, Hudson, Bryce SR, Kessler, Jacob FR, Briones, Alex J SO), 2:01.09. 4, GHS 'C' (Johnson, Mitchell SO, Watson, Brayden SO, Secrest, Zach SO, Dunbar, Elliott JR), 2:25.86.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle: 1, Breeding, Victoria, CAS, 2:13.65. 2, Gomez, Rosio, GHS, 2:24.66. 3, Bruce, Alyssa, CAS, 2:25.23. 4, Cox, Kaelynn, GHS, 2:32.81. 5, Brown, Alexis, CAS, 2:33.76. 6, Moore, Rebecca, GHS, 2:38.91.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle: 1, Brattain, Elijah D, GHS, 2:05.20. 2, Crum, Griffin, CAS, 2:06.48. 3, Asbell, Alex, GHS, 2:18.03. 4, Ummel, Jason, GHS, 2:21.93. 5, Miller, Warren, CAS, 2:31.56.

Girls 200 Yard IM: 1, Brush, Libby, GHS, 2:35.80. 2, Rosales, Hayley, CAS, 2:40.08. 3, Wheeler, Emily, GHS, 2:44.71. 4, Romer, Corrie, GHS, 2:53.71. 5, Neuhausel, Carly, CAS, 3:07.47.

Boys 200 Yard IM: 1, Gardner, Nathan, GHS, 2:21.20. 2, VanWinkle, Alex, CAS, 2:26.51. 3, Dugan, Cole, CAS, 2:29.97. 4, Briones, Alex J, GHS, 2:30.63. 5, Harms, Isaac, GHS, 2:35.86.

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle: 1, Solik, Regina, CAS, 26.49. 2, Smith, Amelia, GHS, 27.63. 3, Deweese, Kristi, CAS, 28.17. 4, Keegan, Chasity, CAS, 29.17. 5, Custis, Rachel, GHS, 30.05. 6, Mason, Kaitlynne, GHS, 33.42.

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle: 1, Firebaugh, Nash L, GHS, 22.78. 2, Secrest, Taylor, GHS, 25.42. 3, Kessler, Jacob, GHS, 26.05. 4, Cecil, Alex, CAS, 26.25. 5, Fox, Houston, CAS, 26.98. 6, Berlin, Spencer, CAS, 31.77.

Girls Diving: 1, Breedlove, Kate, CAS, 149.75. 2, Arthur, Anna, CAS, 136.60. 3, Archer, Sage, CAS, 116.05. 4, Fauvergue, Madi, GHS, 112.65. 5, Cassida, Sydney, GHS, 92.55.

Boys Diving: 1, Trent, Kyle, CAS, 190.75. 2, Lewis, Levi, GHS, 134.70.

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly: 1, Rosales, Hayley, CAS, 1:09.73. 2, Gomez, Rosio, GHS, 1:10.52. 3, Meyer, Mallary, GHS, 1:15.63. 4, Hansen, Beth Ann, GHS, 1:42.47. 5, Williams, Chelsea, CAS, 1:47.73.

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly: 1, Brattain, Elijah D, GHS, 1:00.51. 2, Dugan, Cole, CAS, 1:05.79. 3, Kessler, Jacob, GHS, 1:09.60. 4, Secrest, Zach, GHS, 1:31.13.

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle: 1, Smith, Amelia, GHS, 1:02.17. 2, Deweese, Kristi, CAS, 1:02.87. 3, Keegan, Chasity, CAS, 1:06.82. 4, Cox, Kaelynn, GHS, 1:07.60. 5, Romer, Corrie, GHS, 1:08.02. 6, Balzano, Gabriela, CAS, 1:08.65.

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle: 1, Firebaugh, Nash L, GHS, 49.89. 2, Crum, Griffin, CAS, 56.95. 3, Briones, Alex J, GHS, 1:00.83. 4, Fox, Houston, CAS, 1:03.87. 5, Berlin, Spencer, CAS, 1:11.56. 6, Dunbar, Elliott, GHS, 1:25.09.

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle: 1, Breeding, Victoria, CAS, 6:12.06. 2, Brush, Libby, GHS, 6:35.18. 3, Bruce, Alyssa, CAS, 6:59.25. 4, Moore, Rebecca, GHS, 7:09.92. 5, Gibson, Jade, CAS, 7:41.51. 6, Roberts, Jessica, GHS, 7:51.03.

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle: 1, Gilmore, Jesse, CAS, 5:43.69. 2, Harms, Isaac, GHS, 6:04.33. 3, Asbell, Alex, GHS, 6:26.86. 4, Ummel, Jason, GHS, 6:27.15. 5, Miller, Warren, CAS, 6:55.10.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, CAS 'A' (Breeding, Victoria JR, Solik, Regina SR, Rosales, Hayley SO, Deweese, Kristi FR), 1:50.62. 2, GHS 'A' (Smith, Amelia FR, Custis, Rachel JR, Romer, Corrie FR, Cox, Kaelynn SR), 1:57.10. 3, GHS 'B' (Gomez, Rosio JR, Meyer, Mallary FR, Wheeler, Emily JR, Moore, Rebecca SO), 2:00.07. 4, CAS 'B' (Neuhausel, Carly JR, Gibson, Jade JR, Lucaro, Kylie FR, Holden, Autumn ), 2:11.34. 5, GHS 'C' (Stevens, Kristen SO, Anderson, Caitlyn FR, Roberts, Jessica FR, Fauvergue, Madi FR), 2:17.94.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, GHS 'A' (Gardner, Nathan JR, Secrest, Taylor SO, Brattain, Elijah D SO, Firebaugh, Nash L JR), 1:38.30. 2, GHS 'B' (Mangrum, Brant JR, Briones, Alex J SO, Asbell, Alex SR, Ummel, Jason SO), 1:47.36. 3, CAS 'A' (Fox, Houston FR, Crum, Griffin FR, McConnell, Bryan SR, Berlin, Spencer SO), 1:56.28. 4, GHS 'C' (Johnson, Mitchell SO, Watson, Brayden SO, Secrest, Zach SO, Hudson, Bryce SR), 2:06.43.

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke: 1, Custis, Rachel, GHS, 1:13.06. 2, Meyer, Mallary, GHS, 1:13.09. 3, Cassida, Sydney, GHS, 1:14.34. 4, Brown, Alexis, CAS, 1:14.72. 5, Thornburg, Tarah, CAS, 1:23.76. 6, Neuhausel, Carly, CAS, 1:26.76.

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke: 1, VanWinkle, Alex, CAS, 1:07.48. 2, Johnson, Mitchell, GHS, 1:15.45. 3, Mangrum, Brant, GHS, 1:15.86. 4, Miller, Warren, CAS, 1:20.58. 5, Watson, Brayden, GHS, 1:37.51.

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke: 1, Solik, Regina, CAS, 1:17.38. 2, Wheeler, Emily, GHS, 1:20.87. 3, Hansen, Beth Ann, GHS, 1:25.60. 4, Balzano, Gabriela, CAS, 1:28.49. 5, Mason, Kaitlynne, GHS, 1:39.10. --, Gibson, Jaira, CAS, DQ.

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke: 1, Gardner, Nathan, GHS, 1:13.35. 2, Gilmore, Jesse, CAS, 1:14.82. 3, Secrest, Taylor, GHS, 1:16.20. 4, Hudson, Bryce, GHS, 1:22.75. 5, McConnell, Bryan, CAS, 1:30.32.

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, CAS 'A' (Breeding, Victoria JR, Solik, Regina SR, Deweese, Kristi FR, Brown, Alexis FR), 4:12.86. 2, GHS 'A' (Smith, Amelia FR, Brush, Libby FR, Romer, Corrie FR, Cox, Kaelynn SR), 4:21.78. 3, GHS 'B' (Gomez, Rosio JR, Moore, Rebecca SO, Stevens, Kristen SO, Cassida, Sydney JR), 4:37.09. 4, CAS 'B' (Keegan, Chasity FR, Bruce, Alyssa FR, Balzano, Gabriela FR, Holden, Autumn ), 4:46.65. 5, CAS 'C' (Lucaro, Kylie FR, Williams, Chelsea SR, Gibson, Jaira FR, Thornburg, Tarah FR), 5:14.59. 6, GHS 'C' (Mason, Kaitlynne SR, Anderson, Caitlyn FR, Roberts, Jessica FR, Hansen, Beth Ann SO), 5:24.44.

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, GHS 'A' (Asbell, Alex SR, Ummel, Jason SO, Harms, Isaac JR, Brattain, Elijah D SO), 3:51.37. 2, CAS 'A' (Crum, Griffin FR, Gilmore, Jesse SR, VanWinkle, Alex SO, Dugan, Cole JR), 3:51.91. 3, CAS 'B' (Cecil, Alex JR, Miller, Warren FR, Fox, Houston FR, Berlin, Spencer SO), 4:22.88. 4, GHS 'B' (Kessler, Jacob FR, Secrest, Zach SO, Johnson, Mitchell SO, Mangrum, Brant JR), 4:34.14. 5, GHS 'C' (Dunbar, Elliott JR, Lewis, Levi SO, Watson, Brayden SO, Hudson, Bryce SR), 5:20.56.

Combined Team Scores - Through Event 24

1, Greencastle High School, 207. 2, Cascade High School, 158.

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