PCPL continues to integrate new computer system

Friday, January 25, 2013

As we get further into the winter months, the Putnam County Public Library Board continues to try and stay current with moving toward new technology.

Previously the board had agreed to purchase 10 new computers for public use. However, with the existing library computers running Windows XP and the new ones having Windows 7 there have been more than a few problems.

"It has taken more time than I expected," said network administrator George Edenfield. "I'm not even done yet."

The new computers are also having issues with running the CASSIE system, which is used for reservations, signing in and the printing software.

"It hasn't been as easy as I thought," Edenfield said. "We are running a version of CASSIE that is almost two years old. The old version of CASSIE works on them, but not really well."

The software that protects the integrity of the computers is also no longer supported to run on Windows 7. Therefore, a new program has to be installed on the computers to maintain the security of the library network.

"In addition to the 10 new computers there are still four old computers with Windows XP that patrons use as well as staff computers," explained Edenfield. "I could do this over a three-or-four day period if nobody was using the computers. That includes staff. It all has to be done at the same time."

It is Edenfield's aim that all computers will be ready to go by the end of February. However, the date is uncertain.

Library Director Alice Greenberg told the board that heavy winter storms shorted out the elevator software on Dec. 20, when strong winds blew water through the vent into the elevator shaft.

"All circuit boards had to be replaced and re-programmed," Greenburg said. "There were several delays in getting parts. The elevator was out of service for four weeks."

Greenburg also noted that the new vend tower for the printer was installed in Reference on Dec. 21 along with the new HVAC units on Jan. 17.

Among the new business, the board also agreed to hire Anthony Barger for the position Local History and Genealogy Library and Department Head.

"I love libraries in general," Barger said. "I'm really interested in community and the idea of making information available to people is very important to me."

Barger will start out at an hourly rate of $14.50, with an increase to $15 following a three-month probationary period. He will start On Monday, Feb. 4.

During the meeting Barger noted that it is his hope to get the community more interested in not only local history, but to help people find their ancestors.

He also hopes to show people different ways to preserve family photographys and other forms of correspondance.

The next library meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 6 p.m.

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