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Tiger Cub girls take county swim title

Friday, January 25, 2013

Greencastle's senior captains Kaitlynne Mason (center) and Kaelynn Cox celebrate winning the 2013 Putnam County girls' swimming and diving championship by claiming the trophy with head coach Kent Menzel.
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The Greencastle girls' swimming and diving team completed a local tournament sweep on Thursday, winning the 2013 Putnam County meet at South Putnam with 315 points.

The Tiger Cubs won the West Central Conference title a few weeks ago.

At the county meet South Putnam finished second with 196 and North Putnam was third with 95.

GHS had county champions in 10 of the 12 events, including wins in each of the three valuable relays.

Mallary Meyer, Emily Wheeler, Amelia Smith, Corrie Romer, Libby Brush, Amelia Smith, Rosio Gomez, Kaelynn Cox and Rachel Custis each won individual or relay victories.

"Given where we are in our plans for next week, I think they swam very, very well," GHS coach Kent Menzel said. "I was particularly happy with our relays. I thought they were on top of things tonight ... I thought they all meshed really well."

The Tiger Cubs have been relaxing their training in preparation for the start of the postseason next week.

Preliminaries for the sectional meet are Thursday night in Avon, and Menzel said he is hoping the team will be peaking at the right time.

"The girls were working on events that they're going to be swimming next week at the sectional," Menzel said. "They're where we want them to be. As the next seven days unfold, I think we'll sharpen them up quite a bit."

The Eagles had one individual champion, freshman diver Maddison Plunkett, to combine with several strong races.

"She got a little worked up; I don't know that she was happy with her performance," SPHS coach Matt Edwards said. "But I'm happy to see both her and Courtney (Sullivan) come out on top for one and two. They were first and second in both conference and county.

"That's a pretty big accomplishment. They both work very hard. They're in here morning after morning, trying to perfect things."

The Eagles' girls had mixed emotions about the meet, Edwards said, because it is the final regular season meet of the year.

"They know that this is their last 'season' kind of meet," Edwards said. "A lot of them wanted to swim their best times. And they did a heck of a job with that.

"The biggest thing I noticed tonight was just their racing. They put on some really good races. I've got to give credit to North Putnam and Greencastle, because they're good competitors, and our girls know that.

"Tonight was really about beating the girls to the left and to the right of them ... and practicing good racing. They did wonders, and I'm really proud of them."

North Putnam came through with one with individual champion as well. Elizabeth Alford swam an impressive 2:19.27 in the 200-yard freestyle, winning the race by nearly six seconds.

"The standout was Elizabeth Alford," NPHS coach Tony Gray said. "She won the county championship in the 200 and almost pulled it out in the 100. She just didn't quite have a good turn in that last wall, but she's worked really hard this year. I think the best things are in the future for her."

The Cougars have been improving steadily throughout the year and the county meet was a positive conclusion to the regular season, Gray said.

"The girls did a good job," he said. "They had fun tonight, they competed hard. Maybe the times weren't exactly where we wanted, but they just started taper.

"They're smiling so I'm smiling."

With the postseason approaching quickly, each team competing Thursday came into the meet hoping to be ready for next Thursday's sectional 11 preliminary races at Avon.

Greencastle swimmers Mallary Meyer (top) and Rachel Custis fight for the finish line in the 100-yard backstroke event on Thursday. Meyer out-touched Custis to come away with a win and secure the county championship with a time of 1:12.97.
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At South Putnam
2013 Girls' Putnam County Championship

Team score -- Final
1, Greencastle High School, 315. 2, South Putnam High School, 196. 3, North Putnam High School, 95.

Event results
Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay: 1, Greencastle High School 'A' (Meyer, Mallary , Wheeler, Emily , Smith, Amelia , Romer, Corrie ), 2:09.02. 2, South Putnam High School 'A' (Deszi, Morgan , Kiste, Katie , Beasley, Lyndsie , Hansel, Katie ), 2:21.56. 3, Greencastle High School 'B' (Mason, Kaitlynne , Hansen, Beth Ann , Cassida, Sydney , Custis, Rachel ), 2:24.25. 4, North Putnam High School 'A' (Gray, Hannah , Roberts, Lyndsay , Muse, Rebecca , Livesay, Sierra ), 2:32.93. 5, South Putnam High School 'B' (Plunkett, Maddison , Arnold, Megan , Shaw, Katie , Sutkowski, Macy ), 2:36.15.
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle: 1, Alford, Elizabeth, NPHS, 2:19.27. 2, Beasley, Katie Jo, SPHS, 2:25.22. 3, Cox, Kaelynn, GHS, 2:32.82. 4, Moore, Rebecca, GHS, 2:37.80. 5, Deszi, Morgan, SPHS, 2:38.18. 6, Stevens, Kristen, GHS, 2:39.32. 7, Wilson, Ashley, SPHS, 2:46.48. 8, Roberts, Jessica, GHS, 2:53.08. 9, Mason, Kaitlynne, GHS, 2:53.11. 10, Frieje, Samantha, NPHS, 2:53.98. 11, Buchanon, Rorie, NPHS, 3:20.75.
Girls 200 Yard Individual Medley: 1, Brush, Elizabeth, GHS, 2:38.92. 2, Wheeler, Emily, GHS, 2:45.24. 3, Gomez, Rosio, GHS, 2:47.16. 4, Kiste, Katie, SPHS, 3:02.81. 5, Arnold, Megan, SPHS, 3:05.18. 6, Hansen, Beth Ann, GHS, 3:06.64. 7, Muse, Rebecca, NPHS, 3:08.45. 8, Kelley, Tasha, SPHS, 3:30.12.
Girls 50 Yard Freestyle: 1, Smith, Amelia, GHS, 28.12. 2, Romer, Corrie, GHS, 28.13. 3, Custis, Rachel, GHS, 29.35. 4, Hansel, Katie, SPHS, 30.03. 5, Moore, Alexandra, NPHS, 32.55. 6, Kiste, Tori, SPHS, 32.74. 7, Livesay, Sierra, NPHS, 33.17. 8, Brattain, Hannah, GHS, 34.94. 9, Gray, Hannah, NPHS, 36.03. 10, Hettich, Michayla, SPHS, 36.36. 11, Fauvergue, Madi, GHS, 39.93. 12, McDaniel, Erin, NPHS, 41.37.
Girls 1 meter Diving: 1, Plunkett, Maddison, SPHS, 138.75. 2, Sullivan, Courtney, SPHS, 136.15. 3, Cassida, Sydney, GHS, 112.35. 4, Fauvergue, Madi, GHS, 106.65.
Girls 100 Yard Butterfly: 1, Gomez, Rosio, GHS, 1:12.82. 2, Meyer, Mallary, GHS, 1:13.32. 3, Beasley, Lyndsie, SPHS, 1:22.94. 4, Shaw, Katie, SPHS, 1:34.69. 5, Muse, Rebecca, NPHS, 1:35.16. 6, Kelley, Tasha, SPHS, 1:38.21. 7, Roberts, Jessica, GHS, 1:42.97.
Girls 100 Yard Freestyle: 1, Romer, Corrie, GHS, 1:03.28. 2, Smith, Amelia, GHS, 1:03.35. 3, Alford, Elizabeth, NPHS, 1:04.17. 4, Cox, Kaelynn, GHS, 1:04.46. 5, Beasley, Katie Jo, SPHS, 1:05.90. 6, Kiste, Tori, SPHS, 1:12.70. 7, Moore, Alexandra, NPHS, 1:14.71. 8, Sutkowski, Macy, SPHS, 1:15.54. 9, Livesay, Sierra, NPHS, 1:17.89. 10, Roberts, Lyndsay, NPHS, 1:22.59. 11, Anderson, Caitlyn, GHS, 1:24.37. 12, McDaniel, Erin, NPHS, 1:37.24.
Girls 500 Yard Freestyle: 1, Brush, Elizabeth, GHS, 6:29.86. 2, Hansel, Katie, SPHS, 6:50.70. 3, Moore, Rebecca, GHS, 7:00.62. 4, Wilson, Ashley, SPHS, 7:16.07. 5, Stevens, Kristen, GHS, 7:16.93. 6, Frieje, Samantha, NPHS, 7:57.06. 7, Wolf, Autumn, NPHS, 8:00.19. 8, Buchanon, Rorie, NPHS, 9:34.65.
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, Greencastle High School 'A' (Wheeler, Emily , Cox, Kaelynn , Romer, Corrie , Smith, Amelia ), 1:54.27. 2, South Putnam High School 'A' (Beasley, Katie Jo , Shaw, Katie , Beasley, Lyndsie , Hansel, Katie ), 2:02.82. 3, North Putnam High School 'A' (Alford, Elizabeth , Livesay, Sierra , Moore, Alexandra , Muse, Rebecca ), 2:05.87. 4, Greencastle High School 'B' (Roberts, Jessica , Mason, Kaitlynne , Gomez, Rosio , Moore, Rebecca ), 2:11.03. 5, South Putnam High School 'B' (Kiste, Tori , Arnold, Megan , Kiste, Katie , Sutkowski, Macy ), 2:13.71.
Girls 100 Yard Backstroke: 1, Meyer, Mallary, GHS, 1:12.97. 2, Custis, Rachel, GHS, 1:13.43. 3, Cassida, Sydney, GHS, 1:14.95. 4, Deszi, Morgan, SPHS, 1:18.02. 5, Plunkett, Maddison, SPHS, 1:28.02. 6, Gray, Hannah, NPHS, 1:30.48. 7, Wolf, Autumn, NPHS, 1:31.89.
Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke: 1, Wheeler, Emily, GHS, 1:22.68. 2, Hansen, Beth Ann, GHS, 1:25.47. 3, Brattain, Hannah, GHS, 1:27.87. 4, Kiste, Katie, SPHS, 1:35.30. 5, Roberts, Lyndsay, NPHS, 1:36.68. 6, Anderson, Caitlyn, GHS, 1:39.64. 7, Mason, Kaitlynne, GHS, 1:39.69. 8, Arnold, Megan, SPHS, 1:40.44.
Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, Greencastle High School 'A' (Brush, Elizabeth , Custis, Rachel , Cox, Kaelynn , Gomez, Rosio ), 4:32.88. 2, South Putnam High School 'A' (Beasley, Katie Jo , Shaw, Katie , Kiste, Tori , Beasley, Lyndsie ), 4:42.74. 3, Greencastle High School 'B' (Stevens, Kristen , Moore, Rebecca , Cassida, Sydney , Meyer, Mallary ), 4:42.95. 4, South Putnam High School 'B' (Wilson, Ashley , Kelley, Tasha , Plunkett, Maddison , Sutkowski, Macy ), 5:22.04. 5, North Putnam High School 'A' (Alford, Elizabeth , Moore, Alexandra , Frieje, Samantha , Wolf, Autumn ), 5:25.06.

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