Group advocates for zoning in Roachdale

Thursday, March 21, 2013

ROACHDALE -- With a full meeting room, Roachdale Town Council held its monthly town meeting on Monday. One of the main focuses was on the Roachdale Revitalization Cooperative Alliance presentation by Joe Buser.

Buser and RRCA went on to advocate zoning and making up a comprehensive plan for the town.

In his speech, Buser brought up that the RRCA is working with Purdue University to help with coming up with the master comprehensive plan for Roachdale. Purdue will officially begin this project in the fall.

"It is extremely important that we show our commitment to our community and to Purdue, that we will act in the best interest of Roachdale in order to preserve our character...and for Roachdale's long term success," Buser stated in the end of his speech to the council and residents that had attended.

The council will be looking into the points brought up in the presentation and will be discussing more on it at the April meeting.

Tammy Folck brought up of a way to help improve the town as well. Folck presented the board with information on Indiana Code for playgrounds and equipment.

Last month Folck had brought forth her idea of getting new equipment for the park and updating it so it is up to code. She asked the council to review what she had given them and would like to talk about it further at the next meeting.

The council was advised by town attorney Dave Peebles that to start the stormwater board and what resolutions and ordinances would need to be implemented to start the board and fee collection.

Buser asked if some of the help that Purdue was offering could be used for the stormwater project. Peebles was not sure, but told Buser to accept any help Purdue offered.

In other business:

*The utility department have been cleaning storm drains and patching potholes. They are also looking to start a map of the layout of the storm and sewer lines.

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