It Might Be Snowing But Green Can Still Be Seen

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Even with the cold and damp weather, that later become snow, the Old National Trail landscaping class and South Putnam Special Education classes were out practicing their green thumbs. Catherine Stockwell received a grant from Wal-Mart that purchased several trees for the classes to plant along the main drive at South Putnam High School on Thursday. The group focused on Steve Westdell as he demonstrated how to plant the trees. Those participating were Kalie Shaffer, Corey Copas, Shawn Cdrojeski, Joey Harrell, Brit Quisenberry, Kimani Luke, June Shaw, Desiree Gilbert, Brandan Hodge, Patrick Hoffa, Jacob Wood, Tom Beassley, Kirsten Wishmeir, Thomas Brown, Dalton Fryem, Solomon Thompson (teacher and job coach) and Chris Elsbrock (job coach).

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