It's not over til the pretty baby sings

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Zhoie Boyer blows a kiss to the crowd during her walk across the stage Saturday at the 2014 Pretty Baby Contest. Boyer went on to take First Place for the four-year-old girls' division. (photo by KYLE HOLLINGER)

Although the rides had been carted off, the food vendors shut down and the auction held, the fair was anything but over Saturday afternoon for the final event of the 2014 Putnam County Fair: the annual Pretty Baby Contest.

Babies from all across the county put on their finest wardrobes to strut, or try to strut, their stuff to an adoring crowd.

"The judges are asking if there are more trophies in back to give all the babies," emcee Jeff Rich said jokingly during the beginning of the event.

Arianna Ridgeway gums her award during the Pretty Baby Contest Saturday afternoon at the Putnam County Fair. Ridgeway went on to wow the judges and take the Prettiest Eyes award for the 0 - 6 months old division. (photo by KYLE HOLLINGER)

In her second year organizing the event, Kristin Carpenter enjoys the event and believes it is important to the sense of community in Putnam County.

"I like doing this because this is one of the first experiences that children in our community do together," she said. "It's a bonding experience."

The event was standing room only in the York Automotive building and was a flight-hearted, well attended event to bring the fair to a close.

Joseph Ausman entertains the 2014 Fair Court members during his walk across the stage for the Pretty Baby Contest Saturday afternoon. Ausman would go on to be named the runner-up pretty baby for the one-year-old boys division. (photo by KYLE HOLLINGER)

"We had a great turn out this year," Carpenter said.

Carpenter was not alone in organizing the event, receiving assistance from Jordan Zaring and Ali Torr as well as support from the county citizens.

Carpenter was thankful for community involvement and patience.

Some of the contestants at the Pretty Baby Contest held Saturday were born to strut their stuff. (photo by KYLE HOLLINGER)

"The fair board and the organizers would like to thank everyone for coming out and apologize for any miscommunication about the entry fee," she explained.

With the smiling faces of adults and babies alike, it appeared all who attended enjoyed themselves.

"If you show me a happy baby, I'll show you a baby that's loved," Rich said.

The event was also held with appreciation to its donors, including Taylor Made Awards, Putnam County Public Library, Melissa Turner Photography, Imagination In Use Daycare and New Pathways Preschool.

Eli Trissel won a drawing that was held at the event, receiving a photo session with Melissa Turner Photography.

(a photo gallery with the option to order prints if desired can be found HERE)

Winners of the 2014 Pretty Baby Contest:

* Boys 0 -- 6 months: 1st-- Karter Rogers; 2nd-- Elijah Ferran; Eyes-- Elijah Ferran; Hair-- Henry Hubbard; Smile-- Karter Rogers.

* Girls 0 -- 6 months: 1st- Sydney Jackson; 2nd- Harper Waters; Eyes-Arianna Ridgeway; Hair-Sydney Jackson; Smile-Abigail Riggs.

* Boys 7 -- 12 months: 1st- Jaxtyn Monnett; 2nd- Brooks Lockwood; Eyes- Brooks Lockwood; Hair-Oakley Vermillion; Smile- Jaxtyn Monnet.

* Girls 7 -- 12 months: 1st- Kaylynn Brewer; 2nd- Bella Wingler; Eyes- Raya Wall; Hair- Raylynn Brewer; Smile- Scottlyn Mason.

* Boys 1 year: 1st- Braxton Vance; 2nd- Joseph Ausman; Eyes- Bentley Nichols; Hair- Spencer Vaughn; Smile- Braxton Vance.

* Girls 1 year: 1st- Bryar Warf; 2nd- Tinzlee Coulson; Eyes- Everleigh McGlaughlin; Hair- Bryar Warf; Smile- Tinzlee Coulson.

* Boys 2 years: 1st- Zion Humphress; 2nd- Eli Trissel; Eyes- Eli Trissel; Hair- Chippy Maher; Smile- Zion Humphress.

* Girls 2 years: 1st- Reagan Fenwick; 2nd- Rachel Johnston; Eyes- Hadleigh Hutcheson; Hair- Prudence Burton; Smile- Rachel Johnston.

* Girls 3 years: 1st- Alice Coffin; 2nd- Aleyxeiah Nichols; Eyes- Alyxeiah Nichols; Hair- Zoey Jackson; Smile- Alice Coffin.

* Girls 4 years: 1st- Zhoie Boyer; 2nd- Lilianna Miles; Eyes -- Zhoie Boyer; Hair Lilianna Miles; Smile - Addyson Wright.

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