Bainbridge Town Council completes gas main extension

Friday, August 14, 2015

BAINBRIDGE -- The town council met Wednesday at Bainbridge's town hall to report on the status of gas main construction on the town's east side.

East Oak Street was the site in question, and Utility Superintendent Troy Elless was happy to report that the construction is now complete. He also stated that water testing is finished for the year and a drain has been installed near the storm pipe between Depot and Walnut streets.

Elless went on to include in his report that he will soon be addressing the issue of standing water on the Pronckus property, and that storm water issues will be addressed when Vine Street is repaired.

However, Elless went on to say that the city's gas utility was recently audited for four days by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Public awareness, he claims, is the main source of inefficiency for the town.

In other news, Elless informed the board that the majority of construction of a nearby solar farm is nearing completion and he estimates that the town's infrastructure will be connected and operational before the end of September.

Elless told the council that he has received a quote for the amount of $42,000 to resurface West Vine Street, adding that a separate quote of $7,700 was received for the installation of a storm drain at the intersection of West Vine and South Cherry streets. He will obtain two further quotes before selecting a contractor.

Bainbridge Improvement Society member Thursa Evens updated the board on the status of the society's activities and finances. She also invited all Bainbridge residents to attend BIS meetings, which are held on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

Susan Cope reported on the status of the Park Board, advising the council that the Cougar Bike Track has been delivered to Bainbridge Elementary School.

Marshal Rodney Fenwick presented a monthly police activity report, saying the police department is currently investigating a case of adult neglect. In an unrelated story, Fenwick said that he and a deputy executed a presentation at Bainbridge Elementary for the staff concerning "sextexting."

Clerk-Treasurer Jason Hartman reported that he expects the town's electric territory to be resolved "any day."

Hartman also stated that Jim Matteson has agreed to pay for an appraisal of the estimated two-acre lot that he and his family are interested in purchasing. The motion carried with a 3-0 decision.

Furthermore, Hartman announced he would be holding a "Budget Workshop" immediately after the hearing and encouraged those interested to attend.

President Chuck McElwee outlined the Bicentennial Nature Trust program and answered questions regarding a potential purchase of a 25-acre plot currently owned by Leon and Donna Tippin. McElwee opened the hearing for questions on the matter, receiving a generally favorable reaction.

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