Featured Athlete of the Week: Mallary Meyer, Swimming Greencaastle High School

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Mallary Meyer (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

Mallary Meyer is a senior on Greencastle's swimming and diving team. She was born to Brenda and Michael Meyer on April 23, 1998. She is also a soccer player for the Tiger Cubs.

Meyer enjoys watching "New Girl" on television and enjoys reading anything. Her favorite food is grilled cheese and her favorite subject in school is chemistry, which she takes at DePauw University.

Meyer's favorite teacher is Bradley Key and her favorite athlete is Tom Brady. This weekend will be participating in the IHSAA State Swimming and Diving meet at the Natatorium on IUPUI's campus.

Meyer also anchored the 200-freestyle relay team which broke the school record at this season's sectional.

BG: What is different this year being a senior?

MM: It's really scary to just know it's your last game. You see all the freshmen rise up and it's like "Oh my gosh. It's going to continue but I'm not going to be here next year to witness it."

BG: Who are some of your biggest supporters out of the pool?

MM: Definitely my parents. On the swim team, it's the relay. We are just one group and we just support each other no matter what. This week they are swimming with me and I really appreciate it. Amelia (Smith) is coming down with me on Friday. She'll be my mental companion.

It's really great to know that even if I don't do as well as I hoped, they're going to be there to support you. It's a really big thing on the swim team; family. Before sectional we do a thing called 'Fears.' We make it so its our fears instead of individuals. The girls are really good with that. The seniors, mainly because they can support the underclassmen who were really scared for sectional with nerves.

BG: What is your favorite thing about your teammates?

MM: They are funny. We have constant jokes. They are just great friends. They are like a family.

BG: What is your favorite thing about swimming and soccer?

MM: (In swimming) it's the competition. Soccer? Again, the aggressiveness that you have when playing. It's aggression with class.

BG: Do you have a favorite moment at GHS?

MM: Definitely breaking the (200-freestyle) record and going onto State are my top two favorite memories in my whole entire four years. It's just a great accomplishment because you've worked that hard for it. The fact that it shows instead of just "oh I got second or whatever." I get to continue on. It's really nerve-wracking and sad because your other teammates aren't going to go with you.

BG: What are your post-high school plans.

MM: I plan on going to Florida Southern (University), walk on swim there, major in chemistry on the pre-dental track and become an orthodontist.

BG: Why do you want to study orthodontics?

MM: It's really funny. The Firebaughs used to be my dentists. One time I was getting my teeth cleaned and I thought it'd be cool to be a dentist, own my own business and just help kids get over the fear of the dentists.

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