Letter to the Editor

Liberals need only look in the mirror for answer

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Boo hoo! To all of you liberals standing around holding hands and chanting kumbaya’s, I share your grief. Not! Why not? Because you are oblivious to the role you played in electing a bigoted demagogue. Let me spell it out for you.

For 30-plus years “Liberals” especially prosperous and educated liberals have blithely voted for Democrats in the pocket of Wall Street and big business. Through free trade deals and deregulation Wall Street Democrats enabled and facilitated the redistribution of wealth upward and outward (even now Obama is pushing for the TPP).

When wealth is redistributed upward and outward the middle and working classes become distressed. When the middle and working classes become distressed they look for scapegoats and authoritarians with easy answers to relieve their stress. Hence, they vote for a demagogue like Trump.

So if you spent the last 30-plus years in a comfortable languor voting for a Democratic brand based on social issues (all the while patting yourself on the back for your kind heart) while ignoring economic issues, I don’t have much sympathy for your grief with regards to this election. Your prosperity allowed you to be cavalier to the plight of much of America. Your blind eye with regard to economic issues make you part of the reason Trump is now president elect.

Let me repeat that for you. You are part of the reason for Trump’s election. So rather than dissing “white trash” and “rednecks” for their stupidity or lamenting what our country has become you should be looking in the mirror and reflecting on your own stupidity, on why you were so easily suckered into buying into a duopoly distinguished by social issues, but united in its desire to redistribute wealth upward.

And a corollary to the above is as follows. If you are a pro Wall Street Democrat and you voted for Hillary in the primaries well good for you, you voted your conscience. But if you fancy yourself a liberal or a progressive and you didn’t vote for Bernie instead then you are a complete unadulterated moron. No soft-pedaling here -- you’re a complete imbecile.

But cheer up. In a few more days you’ll be back to your comfortable routine watching “American Idol”and NFL football and getting the kids to soccer practice and piano lessons. And in four years when the Democrats ladle up their next Wall Street lackey you’ll drink deep mumbling something about voting for the lesser evil while being completely oblivious to the fact that lesser evilism is just a self-fulfilling prophecy that guarantees evil, and in the long run guarantees the election of the Trumps of the world.

Either that or you’ll have lost your job and gone over to the dark side.

Bruce Sanders