FEATURED ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Alicia Haywood South Putnam

Thursday, December 8, 2016
Alicia Haywood
Banner Graphic/Joey Bennett

Alicia Haywood is a three-sport athlete at South Putnam who competes in golf, swimming and tennis.

Banner Graphic: What do you like best about the sports you play?

Alicia Haywood: “In golf, I do it mostly just to have fun and make new friends. It’s enjoyable for me. In swimming, I’ve always loved the water and I’m not half-bad at it. In tennis, I do it to hang out with my friends and I’m not too bad at it either.”

BG: Is it hard to mix academics with athletics?

AH: “Swimming can be difficult. From some swim meets, we don’t get home until 9 or 10 o’clock at night and I normally have a lot of homework every night. Overall I find it fun to do them.”

BG: What kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?

AH: “I’m a kid at heart. I enjoy coloring, and my mom got me four adult coloring books. I enjoy doing those. I enjoy doing word searches and just hanging out with my family, too. I watch a lot of TV shows, mostly the supernatural kind. I like the show ‘Supernatural,’ and anything to do with magic, gods and goddesses.”

BG: What is something you‘ve never done before that you want to do someday?

AH: “I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, Paris and Italy. They are all beautiful, and I really like Greek mythology so I really want to go to Greece.”

BG: What other organizations are you in?

AH: “I’m in the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society [through Area 30].”

BG: What are your plans after high school?

AH: “I will be attending Lincoln Memorial University [in Harrogate, Tenn.], because it’s one of the only schools to have a veterinary tech program. I have a walk-on roster spot on the golf team.”

BG: What led you to want to be a vet tech?

AH: “I’ve always loved animals. I have two cats and a dog. The tabby cats are named Tiger and Diesel, and my dog’s name is Buddy and he’s a golden retriever mix.”

BG: What classes in school do you have, and which ones have helped you to choose your career?

AH: “I’m currently taking government, novels/short stories, quantitative reasoning, anatomy, chemistry and AP biology. Mrs. Heet and Mrs. Hodge were two of my science teachers, and they both helped me a lot.”

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