Ordinance would eliminate parking along South Street

Sunday, December 11, 2016

After being converted from a bumpy, winding road into a smooth straight shot of asphalt between Zinc Mill Road and U.S. 231, South Street is due for another change.

A no-parking regulation.

The Greencastle City Council has passed Ordinance 2016-14 on the first of two readings, banning parking from both sides of South Street between U.S. 231 (Bloomington Street) and Zinc Mill Road.

The measure passed unanimously at the December Council meeting and is expected to come up for second reading and adoption at the special City Council session set for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 21 at City Hall.

The change comes at the request of the contractor, Rieth-Riley Paving and Construction, Indianapolis, in the interest of safety as construction issues continue, Mayor Bill Dory told the Council.

“This may not be how it ultimately ends up,” Dory noted, explaining that the 24-foot-wide pavement does not have a parking lane perse.

“It seems to make a lot of sense to me,” Councilman David Murray said, “having driven down that road, that it wouldn’t have any parking.”

The mayor said he will work with residents of the area on the issue, noting that once the city takes official possession of the street back from the contractor, “it might change.”

He also noted that the city will have to work on ways to notify South Street residents of the no-parking designation if it passes Dec. 21.

The mayor was also asked about signage denoting the no-parking status of the street.

“The contractor has actually offered to pay for that,” City Attorney Laurie Hardwick said.

Rieth-Riley is about 95 percent finished with the $2,384,000 project, although most of the remaining work must now wait until spring to be completed.

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