New safe sharps disposal program offered via West Central Solid Waste

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Risks associated with unsafe disposal of sharps include needle stick injuries and potential blood-borne infections such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

West Central Solid Waste District is partnering with the Putnam County Health Department to provide free needle clippers that safely clip and store up to 1,500 sharps’ needles (not for use on needles larger than 28g or lancets).

The new program is geared toward diabetics and home-based sharps users and is simple and easy to use. Never throw loose needles in the trash or recycling bin. Needles are not recyclable.

Putnam County residents can pick up a free needle clipper at the Putnam County Health Department (located inside the Putnam County Hospital at 1542 S. Bloomington St, Ste. 1500, Greencastle). For hours and information, persons may call the Putnam County Health Department at 658-2782.

Although needle clippers are compact and portable, a single clipper can last years vs. weeks or months with a whole syringe container with no expensive mail back fees.

When the clipper is full, return it to the Putnam County Health Department to exchange for a new one. Clippers can also be dropped off at West Central Solid Waste District Tox-Away Days (check district website for Tox-Away dates and locations at Replacement clippers are only available through the county health department.

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