Cubs repeat as champions in girls’ WIC all-sports race

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Greencastle’s Sydney Kallem (left) and Emma Wilson (second from right) prepare to run at the WIC girls’ track and field meet along with Lexi Vanihel of South Putnam and an Owen Valley competitor.
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Greencastle second overall in rankings

The Greencastle High School girls’ sports programs captured the Western Indiana Conference all-sports championship for the second straight year, recording 136 points based upon its final position in the nine sports.

The Tiger Cubs placed first in track and field, swimming and cross country to highlight their overall performance, and were second in basketball.

Sullivan placed second with 130 points and Edgewood was third with 126.

The Tiger Cubs placed second to Edgewood in the boys’ overall standings, picking up firsts in golf, swimming and tennis with second-place finishes in wrestling and soccer.

Edgewood was crowned the league’s overall winner, with 292 combined points – just six ahead of runnerup Greencastle.

South Putnam placed 10th in the spring sports with 46 combined points, while Cloverdale was 11th with 34 points and North Putnam was 12th with 24. Overall, South Putnam was 10th with 144 points, while North Putnam was 11th with 106 and Cloverdale was 12th with 102.

Here are results of the spring sports season, with all-conference teams:


Final standings – 1. Sullivan, 2. Indian Creek, 3. Northview, 4. Edgewood, 5. West Vigo, 6. Cascade, 7. Owen Valley, 8. South Putnam, 9. North Putnam, 10. Cloverdale, 11. Greencastle, 12. Brown County


Sullivan – Jack Conner, Shane Garner, Trevor Magill, Sam Steimel, Chris Taylor

Indian Creek – Eric Braughton, Jared DeHart, Dawson Reed, Max Walls

Northview – Matt Clawson, Mitchell Howald, Braydon Tucker

Edgewood – Tanner Koble, Connor Morton, Phillip Terrell

West Vigo – Evan Newman, Ty Lautenschlager

Cascade – Mitch Duncan, Cameron Ginter

Owen Valley – Logan Headlee, Ryne Heckman

South Putnam – Lance Bush, Dylan Wood

North Putnam – Jackson Kendall

Cloverdale – Tyce Jackson

Greencastle – Jackie Scanland

Brown County – Bryce Walker


Final standings – 1. Indian Creek, 2. Sullivan, 3. Northview, 4. Brown County, 5. Edgewood, 6. West Vigo, 7. Cloverdale, 8. Greencastle, 9. Cascade, 10. South Putnam, 11. Owen Valley, 12. North Putnam


Indian Creek – Brittany Dugan, Rachel Kyle, Dori Knight, Sydney Logsdon, Casey Wilhoit

Sullivan – Megan Eberhardt, McKenzie Pirtle, Asia Povlin, Maclynne Steele

Northview – Stacy Payton, Madelyn Richey, Addy Thompson

Brown County – Maddy Edds, Aubrey Hollander, Emma Summers

Edgewood – Payton Acuff, Taylor Acuff

West Vigo – Hannah Lewis, Emma Stevens

Cloverdale – Tori Combs, Kelsey Helterbrand

Greencastle – Julia Mundy, Grace Paul

Cascade – Alisha Burch

South Putnam – Drew Bratcher

Owen Valley – Lexi Carver

North Putnam – Chloe LaPierre

Girls’ tennis

Final standings – 1. Northview, 2. Brown County, 3. Sullivan, 4. Indian Creek, 5. Greencastle, 6. Owen Valley, 7. West Vigo, 8. Edgewood, 9. South Putnam


Northview – Emma Clawson, Kambree Lucas, Madison Russell, Elle Tipton

Brown County – Elizabeth Huls, Hallee Miller

Sullivan – Gabriele Burkhart, Hannah Russell, Janae Willis

Indian Creek – Katie Burkman, Sara Knight, McKayla Russell

Greencastle – Madison Trout, Lydia Trout, Nicole Newgent

Owen Valley – Payton Cattorini

West Vigo – Elysia Williams

Edgewood – Hallie Schmucker

South Putnam – Adrianna Clifford

Boys’ golf

Final standings – 1. Greencastle, 2. Northview, 3. Edgewood, 4. West Vigo, 5. Indian Creek, 6. Owen Valley, 7. Sullivan, 8. Brown County, 9. Cascade, 10. Cloverdale, 11. South Putnam, 12. North Putnam


Top 16 finishers (in order) – Jake Bennett (Greencastle), Parker Vanness (Brown County), Clayton Buck (Northview), Noah Cox (Sullivan), Austin Langley (Edgewood), Jaxon Parmley (Greencastle), Luke Weaver (Northview), Jackson Wendel (Edgewood), Dakota Grier (Owen Valley), Tyler Hicks (South Putnam), Jalen Satterfield (Northview), Blaise Hasty (Greencastle), Hunter Meredith (Indian Creek), Connor Taylor (Greencastle), Alex Baker (West Vigo), Chandler Donahue (Indian Creek)

Boys’ track and field

Team results – 1. Edgewood, 2. West Vigo, 3. Brown County, 4. Cascade, 5. Sullivan, 6. Owen Valley, 7. South Putnam, 8. Greencastle, 9. Cloverdale, 10. Northview, 11. North Putnam, 12. Indian Creek


4x800 relay – Brown County (Isaiah Keefauver, Job Lawson, Jackson McPheeters, Wyatt Wyman)

110 HH – Tyler Kaeff (Cloverdale)

100 – Ethan Roach (West Vigo)

1,600 – Kieffer Vittetow (South Putnam)

4x100 relay – North Putnam (Gage Bell, Jordan Beam, Ethan Christy, Chris Murray)

300 hurdles – Zachary Deurloo (Cascade)

800 – Wyatt Wyman (Brown County)

200 – Ethan Roach (West Vigo)

3,200 – Austin Haskett (Edgewood)

4x400 relay – Cascade (Sean Johnson, Benjamin Shepard, David Durham, Zachary Deurloo)

High jump – J.T. Matthews (Greencastle)

Long jump – Noah Bise (Edgewood)

Discus – Noah Maness (Indian Creek)

Shot put – Elijah Williams (Greencastle)

Pole vault – Wes Bedwell (Sullivan)

Girls’ track and field

Team results – 1. Greencastle, 2. Brown County, 3. Edgewood, 4. Cascade, 5. Sullivan, 6. Owen Valley, 7. South Putnam 46, 8. Northview, 9. North Putnam, 10. West Vigo, 11. Indian Creek, 12. Cloverdale


4x800 relay – Greencastle (Sydney Kallem, Molly Eising, Emma Wilson, Mika Mozawa)

100 hurdles – Emelia Bryant (Cascade)

100 – Nikki Hutchcraft (Sullivan), meet record

1,600 – Emma Wilson (Greencastle)

4x100 relay – Sullivan (Abigayle Hall, Whitnee, Newby, Shelby Hall, Nikki Hutchcraft)

400 – Eden Siples (Northview)

300 hurdles – Emelia Bryant (Cascade)

800 – Emma Wilson (Greencastle), meet record

200 – Nikki Hutchcraft (Sullivan)

3,200 – Emma Wilson (Greencastle)

4x400 relay – Cascade (Briana Stephenson, Olivia Bryant, Elizabeth Geuting, Emelia Bryant)

High jump – Amber Vecrumba (Edgewood)

Long jump – Elly Wertz (Brown County)

Discus – Emily Gasho (North Putnam), meet record

Shot put – Taylor Acuff (Edgewood)

Pole vault – Maddy Fields (Brown County)

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