EDITORIAL: We would all do well to listen

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Talk, talk talk. Itís what we specialize in these days.

Everyone has a take on something from the anthem, to police brutality to tax reform to Hugh Hefner.

Thereís a lot of talk but is anyone actually listening?

Or are we just waiting to speak?

In Putnam County there have been chances to listen this week, not even counting cellist Yo-Yo Maís return to DePauw University.

Earlier this week, local police officers went through cultural awareness training, an opporunity for police to learn about the cultures of the people they serve. Paired with this will be a future opportunity for civilians to learn more about police culture.

Additionally, one of our reporters had the chance to sit down with several veterans and listen to what the men who served have to say about the current controversy surrounding NFL players and the national anthem. Their answers were surprising and illuminating.

Both stories will be featured in the pages of the Banner Graphic in the coming days.

For now, though, the challenge is for all of us. We all have our opinions and no one says those opinions have to change. But the next time you hear someone saying something you donít agree with, actually listen.

You might even learn something.