Letter to the Editor

Hospice care valuable community resource

Friday, November 17, 2017

To the Editor:

I write to bring community attention to the services of an incredible community resource that is not often in the public spotlight -- hospice care.

I was truly blessed during the illness and recent passing of my husband, Bill Jackson, to have had a wonderful team from Intrepid Hospice who shared that journey.

While the death of a loved one is immeasurably sad, much of the pain and anxiety of that time was made bearable by our “team” which consisted of nurses and aides, as well as a doctor, social worker and chaplain who were available to us through regularly scheduled visits as well as 24-7 as needed.

For Bill, they provided all the health care he required without having to leave our home.

His treatment was always with dignity, respect and, yes, humor! They honored his service as a veteran and his spiritual needs were cared for by Chaplain Mark, who participated in his funeral service.

For me, as the primary caregiver, they explained things with compassion and clarity, listened to my concerns and provided the information necessary for good home care. They surrounded us both with a remarkable blend of professionalism and genuine concern.

We were fortunate to have known of the services of hospice before we actually needed them so were able to engage them seamlessly as Bill’s health care required them.

I strongly encourage all families to contact the Putnam County Hospice and Palliataive Care Association for information about the various hospice providers available locally.

Barbara Jackson