Court News for March 24, 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Doons Nguyen, 53, Watertown, N.Y., Level 4 felony possession of methamphetamine

Kallen Walker, 21, Putnamville Correctional Facility, Level 5 felony battery resulting in bodily injury to a public safety official, Level 6 felony battery against a public safety official

Jennifer N. Green, 35, Greencastle, Level 6 felony theft, two counts of Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance

Robert L. Washburn, 37, Roachdale, Class B misdemeanor unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle

Kevin J. Taylor, 56, Quincy, Class A misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .15 or more, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Josiah D. Watson, 18, Cloverdale, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Brena M. Firkins, 51, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor false informing

Destiny N. Lawson, 20, Terre Haute, Class C misdemeanor illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Bradley J. Taylor, 51, Rockville, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Alexis D. Burk, 20, Plainfield, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Brianna L. Witty, 25, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor theft

Christopher L. Hamblin, 33, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

David M. Murphy, 31, Cloverdale, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Randy M. Rogers, 27, Indianapolis, Class C misdemeanor driving without ever receiving a license

Joshua S. Stephens, 39, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license, Class B misdemeanor leaving the scene of a property-damage accident

Nathan K. Williams, 23, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor theft

Anthony M. Jones, 22, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury

Erik D. Wilburn, 30, Indianapolis, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Mark A. Gosser Jr., 36, Indianapolis, Class B misdemeanor battery

Citations and Infractions

Robin D. Weir, 35, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Maurice D. Sutton, 21, Indianapolis, driving without financial responsibility

Javier A. Suarez, 40, Hialeah, Fla., no valid driverís license

Amos L. Stephens Jr., 48, Terre Haute, driving with expired plates

Aditya Sondhi, 26, Ottawa, Ont., seat belt violation

Hope L. Rush, 46, Cloverdale, disregarding automatic signal

Timothy J. Parrish Jr., 29, Cloverdale, two child restraint system violations

Navin L. Oatts, 29, Indianapolis, failure to change lanes for authorized emergency vehicle

James R. Mullis II, 31, Indianapolis, disregarding stop sign

Edward W. McCammon, 63, Oaktown, driving with expired plates

Joseph L. Mann, 43, Cloverdale, seat belt violation

Shane A. Huffman, 19, Cloverdale, driving too fast for conditions

Melinda Shanks, 35, Morristown, throwing a lighted cigarette, cigar or match from a moving motor vehicle

Fernando Hernandez-Gomez, 29, Melvindale, Mich., driving a commercial motor vehicle without a CDL, no driverís record of duty status

Chasity L. Buckner, 36, Preston, Iowa, seat belt violation

Lisa M. Buchanan, 54, Greencastle, improper motorcycle license endorsement

Isabelle J. Brittain, 61, Martinsville, seat belt violation

Loretta S. Boehm, 37, Fillmore, driving with expired plates

Riley D. Potts, 19, Camby, speeding

Joshua M. Richards, 29, Indianapolis, speeding

Joseph B. Geatches, 27, Indianapolis, speeding

Bailey J. Pell, 23, Brazil, speeding

Trey W. Henry, 27, Reelsville, speeding

Alysa L. Cline, 19, Lafayette, speeding

Allison M. Nelson, 19, Libertyville, Ill., speeding

Jamie Bozarth, 50, Terre Haute, speeding

Shawna E. Butler, 43, Greencastle, speeding

Cody A. Clark, 27, Sullivan, speeding

Jason S. Harp, 48, Greencastle, speeding

Maycen N. Johnson, 17, Avon, speeding

Tyler J. Kaeff, 19, Poland, speeding

Devon M. McCarty, 25, Terre Haute, speeding

Glenn A. Meloon Jr., 43, Greencastle, speeding

Stephanie S. Miles, 24, Spencer, speeding

Grant D. Landrum, 25, Jamestown, speeding

Rebecca L. Mrazik, 40, Danville, speeding

Emerson A. Petty, 42, Indianapolis, speeding

Ethan Alexander Philips, 26, Cloverdale, speeding

Jayson Michael Taylor, 24, Cottonwood, Ariz., speeding

Justin A. Salsman, 21, Mount Pleasant, S.C., speeding

Troy A. Bemis, 55, Terre Haute, driving with a suspended license

Clint A. McCaslin, 24, Ladoga, driving with a suspended license

Eric E. Dickens, 38, Terre Haute, driving with a suspended license

Satori A. Ferguson, 20, Greencastle, driving with a suspended license

Marriage Licenses

Wendy Rose Campbell and Christopher Ernest Perkins, both of Bainbridge

Kyle David Young and Jessica Frank, both of Fillmore

William Engel and Trisha Cummings, both of Reelsville

Nickie Michelle Lewis and Stephen Wesley Winslow II, both of Bainbridge

Jeremiah Caulkins and Paula Kay Harvey, both of Greencastle

Dawn M. Fox and Robert D. Shoemaker, both of Greencastle


Paul McCombs, Greencastle, and Amber McCombs, Greencastle

Donna Lawhorn, Bainbridge, and David Lee Lawhorn, Crawfordsville

Civil Cases

Discover Bank vs. James Boscamp

One Main Financial vs. Kelly L. Cash

Personal Finance Co. vs. Heather J. Gilley and Steven J. Gilley

Mariner Finance vs. Dakota N. Jones

Jack Watson vs. Janice Ferrand

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. David A. Clark

Small Claims

Midland Finance vs. Jessica Blankenship

Castlebury Apartments 1 vs. Brandon Craig

Michael Perkins vs. Joanna Tincher-Polly