Letter to the Editor

Congratulations, Russ Hesler

Friday, May 25, 2018
Marching around the Greencastle High School multi-purpose room as he unveils the new Americaís Best High Schools plaque in 2016, GHS Principal Russ Hesler fires up the student body before gathering the faculty and class presidents for a photo with the new honor. Hesler is retiring as GHS principal.
Banner Graphic/Jared Jernagan

To the Editor:

I am writing to congratulate a man that has always bled purple in his veins in the 36 years I have known him, Mr. Russ Hesler. I am a retired Tiger Cub and former resident of Greencastle, having begun my first principalís position at GHS in 1982 and returning as GHS principal in 2006.

Mr. Hesler was an outstanding teacher when I first came to GHS and served the school, students and community well in many capacities. His character, initiative, talents and dedication to education were never in question.

After leaving GHS, I kept in contact with Russ and his family as he advanced through the chain of command ladder and became the assistwant principal which involved working in discipline among many other duties. I personally held a similar position at two other schools before returning to GHS in 2006 and can attest that this position (assistant principal) is the most difficult of all positions in a school. Working with discipline 24/7 is so negative, yet, Mr. Hesler remained loyal to GHS and took on any position and duty that was asked of him in order to serve the school and community.

When I returned to GHS in 2006, Russ was a tremendous asset to me and I am eternally grateful. Many in the community will not (and cannot) realize all the things that he has accomplished in his tenure of service to the students, faculty and community during his many years at GHS.

Thank you, Mr. Hesler!

As you stand on the stage with your last graduating class in your career, only YOU can know the true feeling of a job well done -- the rest of us can only appreciate and thank you.

Jim Church, retired in 2009,

former proud principal at GHS

Cape Coral, Fla.