Letter to the Editor

Pledge supports anti-racism stance

Friday, May 25, 2018

To the Editor:

We acknowledge racism in and beyond our community. We recognize the harm, pain, violence, terror and insult caused to people of color by racist acts, messages and structures.

We also recognize racism limits our own lives, damages ourselves, families and communities, that in doing violence to others we also do violence to ourselves.

We pledge to uproot, confront, address and interrupt racism in ourselves and within and beyond our communities.

We pledge to continue to learn about racism, to recognize our own participation in racism, and to hold ourselves and each other accountable.

Vincent Aguirre

Rebecca Alexander Anthony Baratta

Kristina Boerge

Joe Buser

Alexandra Chamberlain

Brooke Cox

Danielle Cummings

Dana Dudle

Ron Dye

Paula Evans

Chris and Kayla Flegal

Chet Fornari

Alexandra Gandy

Sarah Gerkensmeyer

Tim Good

April Charisse Gorsline

J.D. Grove

Leslie Hanson

Anna L. Harmless

Tiffany Heb

Alex Hirt

Dixie Huey

Stephanie Hunter

Alisa Isaacs-Bailey

Kara Jedele

Rev. Wes Kendall

Rev. Bryan Langdoc

Nika Lindsay

Karen Martoglio

Harriet Moore

Sarah J. Myers

Aaron Nance

J. Nichols-Pethick

Terry Noble

Martha Opdahl

Melissa Petreaca

Pam Propsom

Ruth Ralph

Valerie Rudolph

Sarah Ryan

Samantha Sarich

Rita Schendel

Alissa Schwipps

Jessie Scott

Marjorie G. Smith

Scott Spiegelberg

Lucy Wieland

Bill Wieland

Susan Wilson

Nicki Wilson

David Worthington

Bruce Zink