Roachdale streets give smooth ride

Friday, July 13, 2018

ROACHDALE — When the Roachdale Town Council approved Grady Brothers back in March to repave a number of city streets, they were confident in the Indianapolis contractor’s work.

With the repaving work coming to an end, city officials are happy with the work ... maybe too happy.

“That crossing on the railroad going north — it’s so nice,” council member Holly Cook commented regarding work on North Indiana Street.

“In a way it’s nice,” Clerk-Treasurer Debbie Sillery replied with a laugh, “in a way it’s not because for a while we had a speed bump.”

All joking aside, the council expressed its unanimous approval in Grady Brothers’ work, a $493,698.32 project made possible by the State of Indiana Community Crossings grant, in which the state picks up 75 percent of the cost for approved upgrades.

Council President, Zach Bowers made a motion expressing pleasure in Grady Brothers’ work and giving Sillery permission to write the check for the town’s portion of the work. Fellow council members Holly Cook and Kevin Cook joined him with their affirmative votes.

At the time bids were taken in the spring, Grady Brothers was the only one that came in at less than half a million dollars.

The council is now looking into what Community Crossings projects it would like to apply for in 2019, with a fall application deadline fast approaching.

The roads weren’t the only thing on the agenda during a busy, efficient meeting Wednesday night at Town Hall.

Property cleanups were on the agenda, with Utility Superintendent Nick Miller giving progress reports on properties on East Columbia Street and East Forest Home, as well as abandoned trucks on West Railroad Street.

Of ongoing concern is the Ruby Bell property on West Railroad Street, with which the town has been dealing for several years.

Miller reported that sheds on the property have been taken down, but now there are drums left over full of unknown liquids.

“Those drums are all full of ‘something.’ I don’t know what that something is,” Bell said.

One open drum has antifreeze in it, while others are uncertain, but possibly have other automotive fluids. Miller isn’t in a hurry to find out, instead preferring to leave the disposal of the drums and a number of paint cans to hazmat professionals.

Several options were discussed and will be further explored prior to the August meeting.

“I appreciate what you’ve done over there,” Bowers told Miller. “I know it’s been tedious.”

“That’s an understatement,” Miller replied.

In other business:

• The council approved a project to put up new basketball goals at the park for a price not to exceed $3,500.

The goals are $1,499 and come with a better warranty than cheaper options. The remaking funds would revolve around mounting the backboards and goals.

• The council passed a resolution on Rainy Day Funds, transferring unused funds from the last three years to the Rainy Day Fund.

A total of $190,742 was transferred, including $70,800 from 2016, $46,080 from 2017 and $73,862 from the current year.

• Bowers signed an executive order appointing former town marshal Mike Mahoy to the Town Plan Commision.

“He was (on the commission) in the town marshal role and he is very knowledgeable about the town,” Bowers said.

• New marshal Adrian Lepine announced some changes he would like to make in the coming months.

He is looking into a change to uniforms and badges, moving to solid navy blue uniforms as well as more standard badges, rather than a hodgepodge the officers currently possess.

Lepine also asked for permission to change the requirements for reserve officers, reducing their monthly commitment from 24 hours a month to 16, which he has found is standard with other departments.

“That’s not a standard we ever set,” Bowers said. “That standard was set by Marshal Mahoy. You can change that on your own.”

Lepine was appreciative.

“I need help right now,” he said. “I’m drowning right now and I’d like to bring on three at one time if that’s possible.”

• Bowers announced that the town clean-up day will be Saturday, Sept. 22, a week before the town garage sales

• Fireworks were also a hot topic, though no decisions were made. Attorney David Peebles will draft an ordinance to be reviewed at an upcoming meeting.

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