Letter to the Editor

About that unexplained amendment

Friday, October 26, 2018

To the Editor:

In early voting, I was shocked to find an amendment proposal when I had not heard a thing about it. That I majored in political science and taught government many years is relevant as I could parse and get “it” while those who just show up without such knowledge could very well totally mess us up. That’s my bias, but it’s fact. There is a need for complete explanation for those who didn’t have save such a wicked government teacher who taught the Indiana and U.S. constitutions to students.

1. Amendments require the same regiment to repeal them so especially in Indiana there’s a lot of debris left over (which students didn’t want either).

2. The process “slows down” the issue should it be controversial, and the rep who spoke on Channel 8 said Pence had this one as his baby. Here we are ... and it’s about to, I think, sneak through with it’s nebulous wording. I taught kids when you don’t know, vote no or leave it blank.

I have always had to scrape to find out info on amendments and this simply should not be, especially in this age of ignorant voters, believing in hype and not facts. I used to take political ads and we’d look at every word to see the “bias.” I am sure you can figure out how that would go in this era.

Please have a prominent article about this amendment, stating facts, so voters have information they need when confronted in a voting machine. The kids’ futures depend on us adults, and I don’t seeing going very well at the moment. I am sure my bias shows through, but my prayers are for the kids. I don’t see two-thirds vote to override the amendment’s topic as something easily done in an emergency and “robbing Peter to pay Paul” was undoubtedly Pence’s itch here. The duty of the House is to deal with financial issues, and the amendment would tie their hands ... or let them slip in a back door ... I am suspicious. I taught when in doubt, don’t.

Let me know when you have read all the amendments! The kids would groan and realize the U.S. Constitution had fewer wisely after having thinking they were endless when we studied them, ha.

In this day of bias, my goal is the education of all in matters of political science. What I started out as (in Greencastle) is not where I have ended up along with many of my peers. We all need good backgrounds to make wise decisions, not bias in whichever news channel we prefer. Facts matter.

There are several of us political junkies around who would be happy, I am sure, to speak to this beyond my thoughts. Looking forward to your using an unbiased explanation so early voters like us are not blindsided.

Also with judges yes/no, I told the kids if there were a scandal, that vote is to allow a way to remove them every term. No scandal, vote yes -- or leave it unmarked if that makes you comfy.

Martha Hurst