Letter to the Editor

Wood’s Edge residents ask for help with speeders

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

To the Editor:

Help! As the new subdivision (very nice Whispering Winds) is being built and more people are moving in, it means more traffic.

I (we) the people in Wood’s Edge would like to see stop signs put in at the crossover roads on the north and south ends of Cedarwood Drive and Wood’s Edge. There have been a lot of complaints about speeding, passing stopped school buses and not stopping at the stop signs that are there now.

The average speed through the intersections is 38-pus mph (I have a radar gun).

We have contacted the mayor, police department, city and council but still nothing.

It’s just a matter of time when an accident happens, there are a lot of people that walk, ride bicycles, jog etc. and when the cars/trucks go flying in and out someone is going to get hurt.

We have asked a few of them to slow down and all you get is a verbal or finger gesture. We need someone to take control before something bad happens.

As I’m writing this two cars went through at 40 plus mph.

Keith, Julie Isenberg

and all of our great neighbors